Oprah's Wallet

  1. Hi, was wondering if anyone saw Oprah on Friday when she emptied her purse and she pulled out a LV wallet but for the life of me I can't figure what it was. I went searching here and it looks like it was a multicolored? I can't find it on eluxury. It was the background of the monogram and it was colorful. Please identify it if you can. Thanks.
  2. It's probably a special order, knowing the wazillion dollar woman! :amuse:
  3. i think it was the MC White Koala wallet........

  4. I think it was the Koala wallet as well.
  5. why did she empty her bag?
  6. Off the subject, but what kind of a bag did she empty? Was it an LV?
  7. Oooh she has the same wallet as me! Haha, rad.
  8. Nah... The only thing that can be SO'd in MC are Alzers.
  9. if you have the money you can get anything. who would say no to it? shes worth a fortune so money is no object to her.
  10. Yes, money does talk... but from my knowledge, there are only a few small leather goods that can be SO'd. You can't SO much in Monogram Multicolore Canvas. ;)
  11. you can custom order things if you have a high profile and the money though. remember VBs epi bottle holder.
    never say never.