Oprah's Handbag

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  1. I am looking for the name of the bag that Oprah received as a gift from Marc Jacobs. He said it was LV. Help anyone. I've searched everywhere. Even wrote to the Oprah show...but no response yet. Probably can't afford it, but I'd like to know the price and where to get it. Thakns:rolleyes:
  2. The bag you are talking about is from Louis Vuitton F/W '05 collection and is called Waltz Oskar. It retailed for US$5250.00 and was only made in limited quantities and available to LV VIP customers. Here are some pics of the bag (the last pic is of the runway version of the bag, it was never mass produced in this color):
    MJOPRAH.jpg naomi.jpg OSKARWALTS.jpg
  3. A few weeks ago I saw a woman at the mall with a bag just like this. I guess she must have been a VIP customer. I had never seen this bag before and I was trying to get a better look at it. I'm sure I'm a long long way from VIP status. Although, my husband wouldn't agree. LOL
  4. Gor-Geous
  5. In the end it all comes down to your relationship with your SA!:idea: You don't have to spend a fortune to become a VIP.:graucho:
  6. Maybe it is because I have HDTV on a plasma, but did any of you notice that Oprah's bag had a big spit stain (or something that looked like it!) noticeable on the front right bottom area of that lovely purse? I am picky, but to show a MJ-LV creation in FRONT of MJ himself with a spit stain on it... gross. I don't have photos, just wondering if other PFers saw it.

  7. I DID!!!:nuts::lol:
  8. that's one gorgeous bag...
  9. OK, I gotta ask: WHY is Marc Jacobs giving Oprah an LV???? Hello? He has his own bags, why give her an LV???:confused1:
  10. Actually, I don't remember him "giving" her a bag.
    She said she brought a bag she had that was designed by him. It was HER bag, not given to her by him if I am not mistaken.
  11. I have seen a knock-off of the bag.
  12. I saw a woman at the bus stop with a fake one of these pretty recently.
  13. Am I imagining things, or have I seen this post before? I could have sworn someone posted this awhile back. Im having major deja vu.
  14. Probably b/c he has been the artistic director for LV for years. Him and Takashi Murakami came up with the design for the monogram multicolor, for example.
  15. Waltz Oskar is on poshmark.com A few of them are being sold but I sold one for $250.00 used.