1. This is sick and embarassing - but maybe someone will understand - I saw Oprah on TV going by Coretta Scott King's casket - so what did I notice? She was wearing a CHANEL handbag!!!!!!!! :shame: :shame:
  2. lol! Dont worry though, handbags are teh first thing I notice.
  3. yea i glance on tv and usually is the first thing i spot for some reason. shrugs. haha. oh well. don't feel bad.
  4. I'm not alone! I didn't see Oprah but I catch myself looking at someones bag before I look at the actual person. Damn Purse Blog!

  5. Hehe thats what I first look at their bag,then their clothing,then jewlery..
  6. What about shoes?
  7. Sorry, the casket was in the way! :lol: :lol:
  8. are u serious:amazed: ? :huh: ....
  9. No.
  10. Did anyone catch this?
  11. No, fill us in!
  12. i saw a part of it. there was a caucasian couple who put on makeup and wigs to look african-american, then they went to different places to see how other people reacted to seeing black people. if you've read the book "black like me" it was sort of like that.
  13. I really wanted to see this and I'm so disappointed I missed it. I think it would be an eye-opener...people make certain assumptions & have stereotypes about another's race, and to finally be able to step in someone else's shoes and REALLY see what life is like, would shock/surprise/anger/sadden people.
  14. I am so mad that I missed that.:evil: :idea: I wonder if I can order a tape of the show....
  15. The series "Black and White" is going to be airing on FX starting in March. I think it's a six week series.