Oprah dinning with Jennifer Aniston

  1. last night when I was having dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Chicago I saw Oprah dinning with Jennifer Aniston and a few of their friends two tables next to us.

    Oprah did not have any make up on so she looked kind of tired. It seems that Oprah and Jen are pretty good friends. They were just dinning and chatting and having a good time.
  2. What?:shocked: You didn't take pics with your camera phone so you can show us:lecture: J/k that's cool I heard that somewhere else that they were becoming friends since she broke up with Brad.
  3. are you kidding me!!! no pictures???!!! from now on, u should carry a digital camera with you wherever you go!
  4. Interesting!!
  5. fab bit of info though ;)

    you must have done a double take when you saw the two of them there :biggrin:
  6. I had a camera phone phone with me but I didn't ask them to take a picture b/c I thought celebrities would like to have their privacy too. I would have sneak a pic if they weren't so close and if I weren't at a business dinner with my dh and his associates. I didn't think it would be very professional for me to do that at a business dinner.

    I did tell my waiter to have his back to them so when I talk to him I can look towards them without looking so star struck like a little school girl.
  7. I live in Chicago, just wondering which restaurant???
  8. That is so cool. I would be straining for a glimpse, too. Did anyone see Oprah yesterday? She and Gail were STILL on their roadtrip and stopped at Graceland. Lisa Marie Presley gave them the tour, and then treated them to dinner in Elvis's dining room. I thought that was really a nice thing to do, as LMP never does this. I wonder what it must be like to live in a museum...
  9. i love that 2 women.... i see them as strong woman
  10. Hw did Jennifer look in person? I love her style.
  11. Did you eavesdrop? lol
  12. It was Japonese (a fusion Japanese restaurant on 600 west chicago St.).

    Jennifer looked like a nice sweet girl. Not devia like at all.
  13. i love them both .. :heart:
  14. :heart: [​IMG]
  15. how fun! very kind of you to respect their privacy while dining. :yes: