Oprah and hormone replacement therapy.

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  1. Has anybody been watching Oprah's shows on bioidentical hormones? This is not only for women in their 50's or for women who have gone through menopause. It is very interesting and is causing quite a stir...especially with the drug companies. Hormone imbalence can wreak havoc on womens lives. I know, it has caused me some major problems in the last few years. Anyone having hormone problems should be watching these shows if only to get yourself educated and ready. We are all going to go through it ladies :nuts:
  2. Yes, I watched it and I found it very informative. I have had hot flashes for about 13 years now, and I was on HRT for about the first 3 years and then I decided to go off HRT in light of the bad publicity. When I was on HRT, my flashes went away. Now, I still have them, but only about 2 or 3 times a week and they are not as intense as they once were. I was thinking about using some progesterone cream that they sell at the health food store, but, I don't know...... I know one thing, and the comment that was made about if men suffered from hot flashes, there would be no more hot flashes to deal with today because a remedy would certainly have been found by now is no doubt true. We have a cure for erectile disfunction in about 4 different forms, but hot flashes are still on the back burner.
  3. I watched the show and it couldn't of air in a better time for me....I'm 43 and I have been feeling a lot of the systems that were described for menopause. I have never thought about getting my hormones check so monday I'm scheduling an appointment to go see my doctor. I love this season of the Oprah show a lot of information to help us women out.
  4. I am going to go pay to get the testing done and try this out. I agree if men suffered from this, there would be much more spent on testing...
  5. Not to hijack this thread, but I swear if more men suffered from breast cancer, you wouldn't see any more pink ribbons around much anymore. I love the track that Oprah' show is taking....much more informative real issues that real people have to deal with on a daily basis...even the ones that you don't want to talk about...she's doing it. I love her.
  6. I originally started BHRT to clear up my melasma and hormonal acne, something derms were unable to cure, but this did. It also helped with sleep patterns and energy. I haven't done it in years since my naturopath quit practicing, but am interested in starting up again. Through my experience, I swear by it's benefits. I also took supps that regulated cortisol levels and gave healthy liver support.
  7. She is having Suzanne Somers on the show on the 29th, I think. I have read 2 of Somers books on BHRT and she swears by it! I am really looking foreward to this show. TIVO it!
  8. anyone interested in this should watch Oprah today. She also is having a live webcast tonight...go to Oprah.com to join in!
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    I am not in menopause or even peri...i'm young but I do find this interesting. I also want to pay attention to this for my mom. I agree with both sides of the story. I think things need to be regulated and I think women need to know both sides. A company I used to work for also had something that was only available at a compound pharmacies and the truth is that no one is watching them and the treatments aren't FDA approved so from pharmacy to pharmacy treatments can vary.
    That said, as the physician (lady with short white hair) said sometimes the only place a treatment is available is through a compound pharmacy. A form of hydroxy progesterone is also used to try keep babies in utero longer (in the case of those at risk for preterm birth).
    I do not like that every woman who tries the "bioidenticals" and reports back to Oprah (after 9 days after one week, etc) is shown with a makeover. I understand you feel better but I think it's a false representation of what every woman who takes bioidenticals may experience.
    I would feel uncomfortable at this point recommending this to anyone or even taking it myself if I were of menopausal age. I would want more data and definitely information regarding any future side effects.
    What do you think?

    I would also like to add that I would almost always try natural methods with anything medicinal first. Are their foods you can eat etc that help with menopause? They were saying that some bioidenticals were made from Sweet Potatoes and Soy?
  10. I thought this show was fascinating. But I also think that this type of "therapy" or "treatment" may be beneficial to women as early as in their 20s, not just for women near menopause. For example, if this turns out to be beneficial to women experiencing depression (see the coming off of birth control pill thread and experiencing depression thread in the Relationships section).

    I think there is a lot of potential for what this type of therapy can do. But it can also be severely abused.

    I was considering contacting the Hall Center in Santa Monica for more info because of Oprahs program.

    Also thinking about purchasing a copy of the show.
  11. i agree. i think all of this will lead to changes in birth control in the next few decades.

    does anyone know if there is a bioidentical version of birth control pills or is that completely off the wall? i am fine on my current birth control, but this is the first kind i've ever taken and the first two months were fine, the third WAS HELL, and then i've been peachy ever since. it was really odd. i do not plan on having children for a few years (probably 5-7 years), and i'd like to know if there's something besides synthetic pills. i don't trust condoms for whatever reason, and i have ZERO interest in getting pregnant atm.
  12. I am not in menopause yet but since I am 45, I am starting to pay attention to this. I am thankful Oprah has had issues because now a lot of people will pay attention. Reminds me of that old EF Hutton line......When OPRAH has hot flashes....people listen. Haha

    TMI WARNING: Anyway, I went to a PMS clinic in California years ago and they prescribe these types of hormones. It was expensive and believe it or not, you had to use a syringe to shoot the stuff into your ...um, ok, rectum. I don't think my body was absorbing it because at the time, I was also horribly constipated. lol . Also, it had to be refrigerated and it was hard to do that at work. So I stopped. I don't know if the problem was so much PMS or a bad boyfriend.

    I didn't see the whole show with Suzanne Somers but I agree that doing a makeover on these women to show the 'after' is inappropriate and dishonest.

    But I am very interested in this, especially now. The thing that bothers me is the fact that nothing is tested by the FDA.

    But that won't keep me from researching this topic. When I saw the show with Robin McGraw, all I can think of is, she can AFFORD to go to every doctor under the sun and try every combination til she gets it right, but most women can't.
  13. Mine was natural progesterone made from yams and I took drops.. 1/ day for the first half of my month then 3/day the 2nd. I did a saliva test since it's more accurate on morn vs night levels, but a blood test is sufficient. It wasn't expensive at all for me. 60.00 for dr's visit then 45.00 for the Rx. Alot better than the 1000 plus I spent derms and recommendations that didn't work or stopped masking the problem. I was about to try laser. BHRT took about 2 months to kick in. It's been years since my last refill, but I should start this up again. Even though I originally started because of my skin, I felt the added benefits. Also,I felt no side effects.
  14. I would be interested in hearing how you do. I could use some help in the energy dept. I also have melasma, although since I started using sunscreen more often, it has improved. I refuse to spend a fortune on laser peels or whatever the derm wanted to do.
  15. i loved the shows.... i wish this was out this time last year as i went through hell and back with my hormones.......shout out to oprah,, as always