opps!?! help please!

  1. Quick question, i ordered something from coach and it came in like last week but i havnt had time to go pick it up!! :sad:

    Is that ok? do they care??? or are they going to like send it back? :sad:

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Cant help you on this one. Sorry! But I hope they dont send it back!!!:wtf:
  3. I am sure they would hang on to it or at least call before sending it back. Give them a call and just make sure it is still there waiting for you :smile:
  4. When I was in the boutique last week I heard one of the SAs inquire about a bag in the back. The other SA said it was a customer pickup and to hold it for 48 hours. Not sure WHAT they do with it after that?!?! You should definitely CALL THEM to let them know you still want it!!
  5. thanks you three!! im in class right now and somehow durning the econ lession it dawned on me that i havnt gotten it yet! i proceded to freak and then i was like TPF girls will know hehe :smile:

    BTW...I already paid for it..so they shouldnt send it back, I HOPE! :sad: so worried!

    so they arnt holding it, i already ordered and paid for it...but i live in an apt and hate thaving things delievered there! you know?
  6. Yeah...got it. They should hold it since you already PAID. Let us know what they say when you call!!
  7. I def will! man this is like the never ending class!!! ughhhh!! thanks so much!!!
  8. No prob!;) Can't wait to see pics when you get your stuff!
  9. They should most definately hold it if you payed for it!