Opposite of the "IRL" Questions...

  1. So some of my friends know about my little purse hobby, which is fine.

    What really bothers me though is that when we're out with other people and someone happens to ask about my purse, they all jump in and start asking me about how much they cost, how many I have, what would I value all my purses at, etc. This makes me super uncomfortable, so I'm just sitting there in awkward silence and they continue to go on and attempt to answer the questions, which of course they can't fully do.

    I know they're joking around... but wow it bugs me. I feel like people I meet already have a jaded impression of me and my priorities 2 minutes into meeting me.
  2. Argh.. that does get annoying...

    It bugs me even more is when I tell them the price of what I paid for the item, they respond with a "You paid HOW much for THAT?!?!?!" I usually respond with "It's my money and I spend it as I please. Why should I care what you think?" :blah:
  3. I would divert their attention quickly!;)
  4. look! there's a bird! lol (diverting their attention-->PinkSuadeSoho)
  5. thats annoying...but I haven't had this happen on me yet...
  6. Hey, B Nice!:graucho: It's late ya know! There is a total of what..... 4 people here?:sad: :crybaby:
  7. Yea... diverting their attention is the best idea... and John-- that IS the worst... because I definitely don't judge them when they go drop their money on fancy cars--

    my best defense: Your car is a dead investment and loses value the second you drive it off the lot, at least LV has had like 3 price increases in one year. lol.
  8. ya... lol sad...4 ppl lol, WHERE are the PFers who are 1/2 way across the world from us? lol
  9. Probably sleeping :wlae: something we should be doing:wtf:
  10. I think we had a few threats active on similar people started a few hours ago and Im glad we had it. I thought it was only me who felt like that, even though yes its my money or my parents, even i can say i dont care, i do feel uncomfy most of the times to be question or put in this situation ... people's cruel ... when they want to make themselves feel good by criticising others, even not purposely or event a joke.
  11. haha...hang in there...at least they are ur friends :smile:
  12. they cant really joke around, when they are asking questions like that!
    they are pretending to joke...but really... they are being obnoxious..
  13. thats a good idea...i never thought of that....
  14. that really stinks! When similar things happen to me I just remind people of the other areas that people indulge in cars...diamonds...and just say this is my luxury!