Opposing the blue, pictures of little miss "red!"

  1. so thanks to Pursemaven, I was able to nab this beauty just a few weeks ago from NYC's Bergdorf Goodman. well, technically it's a shade of red, a bit on the darker side, which I love.
    bordeaux hw3.JPG bordeaux open flap.JPG bordeaux1.JPG bordeaux hw2.JPG bordeaux hw1.JPG
  2. unfortunately there are minor scratches when I received her. Hopefully it's unnoticeable. I don't mind because it's distressed.
    bordeaux scratch.JPG bordeaux scratch 2.JPG bordeaux open flap2.JPG
  3. miss ajamesgrly was kind enough to model during our lunch break for us. actually she was jumping up and down screaming. I was able to keep her still long enough to take two pictures before she was bouncing all over the room again. featuring ajamesgrly in the first two pictures.
    bordeaux model3.JPG bordeaux model4.JPG bordeaux model.JPG bordeaux model5.JPG bordeaux model2.JPG
  4. The leather is beautiful! I love the distressed look and don't think the scratches are too noticeable.
  5. :drool: breathtaking!
  6. Congratulations. That is a fabulous bag and it looks fabulous on you. I don't think the scratches are noticeable at all unless you point them out to people.
  7. whooo! nice bag! the color is unexpected and so classy!
  8. prett colour!!!! :yes:

    looks like a great size too :p



  9. Love the color!!! What's that on your face! Am hoping a grin!!
  10. wow.. its beautiful!! :love:
  11. Beautiful bag! You're on a roll!
  12. Gorgeous! :heart:
  13. One of the most gorgeous bags ever. I have been wanting a bordeaux reissue for a while now. Congrats!!!
  14. Beautiful bag! Love the reissue! Congrats!
  15. I LOVE IT!!! Re-issues are one of the most beautiful bags ever made, in my opinion. What a great color, too!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo: