Opportunity to purchase a Mulberry bag that was a press gift from S/S 09? Good Idea?

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  1. I have the opportunity to purchase a lovely Mulberry piece from the S/S 09 range. I will of course have the pictures authenticated in the "authenticate this" subforum, however I was wondering if it is a good idea? It is a $1200 bag, but I am getting it for $400 because it was a press gift and cost the person nothing so they are just selling it. Are press gifts inferior in quality to those of the bags released in stores or are they the same? Thanks so much! :smile:

    P.S If this thread is in the wrong place, I do apologize, I am new to this part of the forum :smile:
  2. What bag is it?? Could be a great deal and I would think the quality would be the same.
  3. It would have to be the same quality I am sure ! Lucky you !
  4. It would be the same quality, its just a normal Mulberry bag that is given to press people so that they use it and are seen wearing it - its just free marketing really.

    I personally think any opportunity to purchase a Mulberry bag less than RRP is a good idea - the fact that the person selling it got it for free shouldn't matter, if you didn't buy it they would sell it to somebody else.
  5. I was talking to someone recently who'd bought a Mabel at a press event. This bag sounds like a bargain. Go for it!
  6. Sounds like a bargain, although it might be quite hard to authenticate if it is a brand new range/model.
    Are the counterfeiters that quick on these new bags?
  7. Go for it!