Opportunity to get a First 05 for $600 max - worth it?

  1. I'm in communication with a seller on it. Once authencity is confirmed (boxes thus far are checking off that it is :yes: ), do you think its worth me going for it?

    The only thing is that I was trying to avoid a First since I find them to be a tad too small (and with a very slim profile) and I like the larger style bags of Twiggy which has depth to it. But I'm torn since its a. in a colour I like and b. the year that I like for B bags...!!

    Thoughts? Get it and if I don't like it sell it or just let it go? I don't want to regret it... Ack! I'm torn! :shrugs:
  2. If you are that torn about it get it and then if you don't like it you can sell it. What color is it?
  3. maybe get it and then resell it if you really can't cut it with size?

    i know there are avid first fans, but i agree it's far too small of a bag, even for dinners or going-out. that's just me. if it were a great deal (like this) and in a color i were just nuts for (magenta in my case), i would DEFINITELY give it some thought.

    so, in the end...i am no help.

  4. lolol!!!! :roflmfao:

    I'll have to really think on this one.
  5. Don't get the bag because of the great price if it'll just sit in your closet collecting dust. Get it if you really love the bag and will actually use it.
  6. GREAT statement! I have the hardest time remembering this myself!
  7. I have a really hard time remember myself that a good price is not a good price at all if I am not going to use the bag. My closet is full enough as it is. And reselling is a risk because sometimes you will not get what you paid for the bag, or it may take awhile to sell it at the price you want for it.

    I myself find the first style to be aestetically pleasing, but too small to be practical. I have a black one from several years ago that I never use because it is too small for me.
  8. Good points. I think there is a possibility that the seller would go as low as $500 (not asked her that yet but I feel its a possibility). That will test me even more if the price goes that low.... your right though in that the size does look good but its actually using it thats the issue. I already have a twiggy and have a day/hobo on its way this week. I have noticed that for a handheld, the twiggy is really just right. I do recall loving the first though at one point. ack! Decisions. If it wasn't in a colour that I love (and there's only a handful that I do), this would have been an easier decision to walk away from. Plus its an older season with the signature cool coloured hardware too!! :graucho:

    I do see me using it actually but it won't be the bag that I use every single day. Its more for days that I don't carry much or for nights out when I don't want a big bag. Ok I'm starting to think out loud on the board... :hrmm:
  9. GO and get the first and then if u decide u don't like it, u can always sell it off......eg, like me, i wanted a magenta city style but ended up buying magenta twiggy even though i prefer the city one.....it's never being perfect but as long it's something that u want as a color, i guess the size it's jus a matter when u use it for, maybe party or goin out for dinners etc....i believe u will have the chance to use the first....:yahoo:
  10. Thanks Celia. I'm going to wait and see what the seller says regarding the price offers I made to her. I can see this will ultimately be the deciding factor as well for me on this one. I'll know tomorrow which way I'll go on this...
  11. All I can say is, going through a bit of a purging of my closet right now, I wouldn't buy it if you are that unsure of it. It's such a @(#$# PAIN to sell stuff on eBay. Also, the way design houses have been cracking down on eBay, I'm a little wary of how much longer we'll be able to count on being able to use eBay. The bottom line is that the design houses don't WANT us reselling their stuff (I mean their AUTHENTIC stuff ... this is a separate issue from cracking down on fakes).
  12. Hmmm there was an ice blue box on ebay once - it was authentic (mimz said so) & there was a BIN for $725 or nearest offer. I thought "oooh great deal" .. but i reallly wasn't into the color or style at that moment, so I passed. I'm glad I did :yes: Now I have a bag I LOVE. $600 is still ALOT of money... it's good for a Balenciaga.. but it's still alot, and it's $600 you could put towards a bbag you *really* want :yes:
  13. Isn't it funny how our sense of value gets skewed after being into Bbags? I mean, a year ago I couldn't have IMAGINED thinking that $600 is a good deal for any bag!!
  14. Oh yes, I hear you on that one... :roflmfao:
  15. I've learnt my lessons in buying Bbags in a TDF colour, but always the wrong style. From experience, I wouldn't do it. I'd wait for the right style to come up...It is a good price though...