Opportunity to buy my first H bag, need your opinions please, what should I do?


What should I do?

  1. Go for it, it's beautiful and a perfect first H. bag.

  2. Don't buy it and go for the Birkin.

  3. Go for a Birkin and search for a second hand Kelly later.

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  1. Hello all!

    As some of you know, I'm saving money for my first H. bag for a while.
    A Birkin or a Kelly, I wasn't sure yet. I love the shape of the Birkin but I also love the fact that the Kelly have a shoulder strap, it's very versatile IMO. I never thought that I had to make a choice so quick...:nuts:.
    Last week I went to a Chanel boutique for a specific thing but they didn't had it. After that I went to H. and there was a Kelly 28 in a dark brown (don't remember the exact name but it was the darkest brown they had) clemence leather with phw in the window. I tried it on and 28 is the perfect size for me for a Kelly IMO and it's big enough for me, I love the color but I don't know what to do now. Because if I buy it I can't buy a Birkin for a long long time.
    And I always thought that my first H. bag was going to be red or etoupe, but I love this dark brown color as well.
    But to be honest I think I'm more a Kelly person than a Birkin person because I prefer shoulder bags and I love the Kelly but a shoulder Birkin isn't working for me IMO.
    This Kelly is on hold for me until Wednesday and I hope you can help me a little to make a decission. The only thing was that there were some small scratches on it, not that bad and the SA told me that they will definitely go away with a spa treatment.
    My SA allowed me to make some modeling pics so what do you think? Should I go for it and start saving again for the Birkin or should I let this one go and go for a Birkin and perhaps find a second hand Kelly from a reputable reseller? Because sometimes you can find second hand Kellys for a very nice price under retail, but Birkins are almost always near retail or over retail price IMO.

    What do you think, is this a good choice for my H. or not? And what do you think of the color? TIA :biggrin:


    kelly 28.JPG kelly 2828.JPG kelly kelly.JPG
  2. Well you know what I think ;)

    ...and I think the pics back me up.
  3. As kellys are easier to come by, I think you can wait for the color that makes your heart sing. The dark brown color is nice too, if that's what you love.

    However, you said "The only thing was that there were some small scratches on it, not that bad and the SA told me that they will definitely go away with a spa treatment."

    Wow, there were scratches on the new kelly? I would NEVER EVER purchase a new H bag that's not perfect!! For the amount of money you put into this bag, you def. deserve a scratch free bag, be it a kelly or a birkin~ IMO!!
  4. Personally, if the bag had scratches on it and I'm paying full retail price for it, I'd pass on this Kelly. It won't be hard to find another Kelly on the shelf in that size, which by the way looks great on you!
  5. Hi dear, from what you said, I thought you have answered you own question, you said you are more a Kelly person than a birkin person ... so why worried about the illusive birkin when you have the chance to have a kelly now :smile: ... then again, the scratches do bother me a bit.
  6. :nuts: you didn't tell me it had scratches on. I changed my mind - don't buy ANY brand new bag with scratches on esp not an Hermes!!!
  7. Again, ITA!!!!
  8. I completely agree!

    This bags looks gorgeous on you! And it's beautiful, I would say to for it, but it's really the scratches that are turning me off.
    Since this bag is not that hard to find, you can always wait for another one to show up, one that does not include scratches, and then buy!
    This way you can enjoy a perfect, perfect, bag that looks real lovely on you ^_^
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    It looks seriously stunning on you so my vote is GET IT! Gorgeous, and you wear it very well!!!!

    ETA: Because of the scratches I think you should wait and get another one that is perfect from the start, unless they can give you a great discount!

  10. I love the kelly on you!! Beautiful!
    But am a tad concerned about the scratches too.
  11. Wow, you guys are very quick, thank you so much for your opinions and the compliments, I really appreciate it :biggrin:.
    The scratches are really not bad, it didn't bother me in the first place but now I think twice about it I must say that you're right.
    If you buy a new bag, it has to be perfect right? Maybe I can ask them to send it in for a spa treatment (on their costs?) and if it comes back then I can pay for it?
  12. ^^^
    that sounds like a good idea, and btw. I truly think you are a Kelly girl by the look of how you carry it in the picture!
  13. This kelly really look good on you! You're kelly girl! ;)
    On the other hand, I will wait for a new kelly, without scratches.
  14. You look amazing with this Kelly but I suggest that you ask your SA to find another Kelly for you, one without scratches on the hardware.
  15. i agree with the other members; the kelly really looks great on you. where are the scratches? sometimes if the bags have been on the shelf and handled by potential buyers the hardware can get a few hairline scratches. would the store compensate you for the imperfection?