Opportunity to BUY Chanel 2.55 (227)

  1. Hello all! I have an opportunity to purchase a CHANEL 2.55 (227) The large bag...its black and lush , becasue I am a new CHANEL admirer I would like to hear what you all think about my opportunity as I am a little nervous to purchase when I dont know really a thing about CHANEL bags as I usually carry YSL, Balenciaga and Pierre Hardy...I hear its rare ...this is from the 2005 FALL colletion 5oth anniversary bag...I just need a COMFIRMATIOn that 2090.00 is the right price and that I'm getting a very very SPECIAL bag...I could buy a 2006 CHANEL but want to know if you thiink I should jump on this situation...I know my guy has 1 more available so if there are any takers...lemme know~!

    THANKS A MILLION for all your input!
  2. If you can get your hands on one, take it! And $2090 sounds about right
  3. I have a grey reissue 2.55 in the large 227 size and its retail was $2090. I purchased mine from Saks in Atlanta. The 50th anniversary edition is a special edition because Chanel only made it to celebrate its anniversary and it should have the year 2005 inside the bag. Once it sells out, Chanel will not be making any more. The new reissues coming out for fall will be in the same style but in different colors and will not be marked as an anniversary edition. Pic showing example of the anniversary markings:
  4. I just got my black large Reissue with silver hardware (2006 version). If you love the gold hardware, go for it. I just couldn't do the black and gold combo--I like silver. So 2006 was for me. The inside of my bag looks EXACTLY like asl_bebes posting, EXCEPT is just does not have 2.55 and 2005 on either side of the CC's. Otherwise, it's exactly the same interior....

    I paid $2090 for mine too.
  5. Wickedassin can you post pics please

    where did you get it from?

  6. i say go for it! it's rare and a beauty!
  7. It's GREAT, *if* it's teh right bag for you.
    There still available here in Dallas, I see them everytime I go to NM's, but I still chose the Luxe flap {even though it was more expensive as well} over the Reissue.
    If you love the bag, snatch it up!
  8. Get it if you love it! It's a beautiful bag....I have the medium grey and I LOVE it!!!!! You won't regret it.....
  9. I've been waiting to post pics to make sure she's for me! I'll try and post them tomorrow night or over the weekend! I got mine through the NYC store. At first the rumors were that the "new" Reissue was coming out in black and bronze in medium (266) and large (277) but that ONLY NYC was getting the bags. Now I've heard that it's only that NYC is only getting the large. But this could all be hype...

    Anyways, if you're interested give the NYC store a call. Ask for Branden at 212-355-5050. He's very nice and helpful!
  10. Do they have an email addy? I am in Australia.
  11. I was in Neiman Marcus Palo Alto yesterday and they had the reissue in black with the gold chains, with the same 2005 flap as asl_bebes. I'm sorry I don't know what size this was (maybe large?) but in case someone wants to call their number is 650.329-3300 ext 2111.
  12. i totally say: go for it!!! chanel is timeless! you should get it!