Opportunity knocks, and I don't know what to answer.....

  1. Wishing everyone at tpf Happy Holidays, and a New Year filled with health, happiness, and fabulous accessories!!
    I have the opportunity to SO a 35 Birkin. I have been dreaming of orange- any suggestions as to leather? I tend to prefer gold hardware... Also, what do you all think of doing a different color interior- perhaps blue jean? Just the interior- no piping....
    I would like a durable choice, and nothing too heavy- chevre maybe? I am hoping all you experts can tell me what you have seen, and what looks special... Do I do orange, potiron, tangerine- I am completely stumped- I truly appreciate all your input- I have been lurking and learning from all of you- thanks!!
  2. Welcome to the H forum. The reference section has lots of great info on leathers and colors.
    Chevre is a very durable leather choice and gorgeous! Look for the thread that has the choice of colors in chevre. A different color inside would be great IMO. Good luck!
  3. Oh yes, chevre potiron is devine!! yummy
  4. I don't advice you do the interior different color at all ,,,
  5. thanks for answering-
    everyone seems to prefer the potiron... is it because it is more subtle?
  6. Mira, I am curious why don't you like the idea of the different color interior?
  7. As far as I know, there may be a really long wait for a 35 in Chevre; something about small goats. :s

    I think either potiron or orange is a great choice and the difference between them is slight. Potiron is only a small bit more subtle in my opinion, because after all it's still a big orange bag!

    As for the contrasting interior that is totally a matter of personal choice, and since this SO is going to be for YOU then I recommend that you do what makes YOUR heart sing and not listen to other people's preferences. Sure, a contrast interior/piping sometimes makes a bag harder to sell if you change your mind, but if it's going to be your dream bag, you'd never sell it, right?
  8. love orange (not a huge fan of potiron myslef even though i see its appeal) in swift, or ostrich. very juicy and i for one love the different interior idea.
  9. Orange Hermes is a fantastic color... so it can probably go with any leather you like. I really like it in Clemence. I don't know enough about goats, but if you like, go for it!

    Orange Exterior/Raisin Interior is my thoughts. :smile:
  10. Is swift durable, does it show a lot of scratches? I like that it has somewhat of a sheen to it.. Is there anyone that owns an orange bag- and do you love it? is it wearable? do you tire of its strong color?
    I think I like the different color interior, as it serves as a little surprise every time you open the bag... I once saw a BJ Birkin, with an orange interior- and it was fabulous-TDF-
    so I thought the opposite combination might be lovely as well-

    Also, is there anywhere in the H forum where all the abbreviations you use are listed and explained- this might be a great resource for all the newbies- I have been able to figure out most (CDC, HAC,etc..), but sometimes I am baffled... Just a suggestion...

    Thanks to all you Hermes aficionados!!
  11. A different color interior is devine! I'm not a big fan of the piping though in a different color. I like the little surprise of a different color inside.....I don't like the tease on the outside. LOL!

    WELCOME to the HERMES subforum! Take a little time to browse through our resource threads and you'll become familiar with all those abbreviations you see pop up all over the place....
  12. Our member Coldplaylover has an orange 40cm Birkin and she LOVES hers!! If she's around I am sure she'll chime in soon.

    I actually definitely see the appeal of a contrast interior, myself--though to tell the truth I usually use a purse insert in my bags to protect the interior & organize me; if you do too it might sort of mask the pretty interior color of the bag.

    Again, though: this is going to be YOUR bag!! Make it however you dream of it being, and you'll love it. If you're a blue jean/orange kind of person, then by all means, that's what you should have! (Just thought of something: the choice between orange and potiron will probably depend on the leather choice for the exterior because Blue Jean can look a little less bright/more muted on certain leathers. Just a thought!)
  13. CynthiaNYC- very good idea to use the purse insert/organizer to preserve the interior!!
    I am generally hard on my bags, but all the same, I want to enjoy them and not worry- so it sounds like this would be a terrific idea... Thanks!

    I know I am obsessing about the color, but do not want to make a mistake- sometimes it is difficult to visualize...
  14. S'Mom- I agree- I don't love the piping-
    BTW, I love your blog- very well written & informative-
  15. No problem--this one is the one many of us use...the large, extra sturdy is perfect for a 35 Birkin (I'm not affiliated with the company, I just love these things!!) http://www.chameleoninserts.com

    Another suggestion: there's a little line drawing around here of a "blank birkin"--if you can find it, color it in with some colored pencils or markers or something, to get an idea for your SO bag!