opportunity for two chanels..please advise..

  1. I have an opportunity to purchase a black coco cabas or a black modern chain tote and am wondering which one I should choose? I am obviously torn at the decision. I sometimes wonder if the modern chain tote is too rock and roll and will become dated soon. I also usually see alot of fake chanel bags that attempt to replicate the look of the modern chain and the lux bowlers so I am a hesitant to purchase the modern chain tote.

    Do you think the black cabas is a better choice? I like that it doesnt scream chanel and is pretty plain in that it most likely wouldnt be obviously duplicated as the modern chain tote style's are.

    The modern chain tote also sits lower on the shoulder..and is very long and has an obscure shape esp when the outer parts of the sides dont cave into the bag. Am I confusing anyone?

    Please let me know what you think, I guess I need others opinions as the SA is holding them for me until monday.

    thanks in advance
  2. Sorry .. I can't help you. I like both!
  3. i like the cabas more the modern chain is too rock and roll imo while the cabas is quite a classic with a bit of spunk !
  4. i have both styles and can honestly say i prefer the cabas more than the MC

  5. actually the cabas has been copied to death, much more so than the MC styles, from what i've seen.

    personally i prefer the MC tote ;)
  6. Even after having seen the horrible Baby Phat one, I would still choose the cabas over the MC.
  7. I really like the cabas.
  8. I love the Cabas, so I'd choose that one. I don't really like the MC.
  9. I ask myself this question before I buy a CHANEL: will I still use it and love it 5 years from now? 10 years from now? And then I know. I don't have the money to buy trendy anymore. I also don't have the lifestyle that really fits trendy anymore. THough I LOVE many of the hot styles, for the money, I can't justify it.

    As for fakes; you're going to see them. The point is YOU know yours is the real deal and you carry it for YOURSELF, not anyone else. I wore my black w/white CC's Cambon the past week, and MANY women looked at it. I overhead a few whisper to another "is that a real one or a fake". Who cares. I love it, I know it's the real thing and life goes one, lol.

    So, of the two, which REALLY calls your name? Which one can you see yourself in, say, 3 years from now? Go with that one.
  10. cabas!
  11. ITA :yes:
  12. try not to worry about the fakes so much; people loveee to make fake chanel bags, so purchase what you love! You'll cherish it more too because you will know that yours is the real deal, kwim? :smile:

    I personally like the cabas more. Is it the baby cabas? or the regular? (bc I think the regular size is quite large). If you haven't seen them in the stores, I would definitely go into the store and ask the SA if you can try them on! Good luck! :biggrin:
  13. i also was torn between the two, but i ended up buying the coco cabas myself :p
  14. Another vote for cabas