Oppinions wanted please.....

  1. on this purse? What do you all think of it? Do you like that clip or not?
  2. I really like this one. i don't like the clip hobos, because they are too difficult for me to get in and out of quickly, but I like that this one is decorative. Very cute bag!!!
  3. yes this is a zipper one and I think that's why it is really nice!
  4. Adorable! A nice hobo is always in style! I really like the details of this one too! I'd say go for it!
  5. They had this at my outlet (Edinburgh) and I thought it was very cute! Don't remember how much though.

  6. I think its very cute and the clip is a nice touch to the bag.. Love it :biggrin:
  7. I like it. i was actually thinking of getting that one.
  8. i'm not a fan of the clip, but still, it's cute!
  9. I think it's cute! I used to not like clips, but they have recently grown on me!
  10. I like it, the design and all but, not for me, too small. Although the drop of the handle looks great... The clip gives it a nice look, good thing it is not necessary to get into the bag, I would hate that.
  11. I think the clip on their really makes the bag... super adorable!! :tup:
  12. I like it, the clip adds the perfect accent!
  13. I really like this bag too! The hobo is always in style!
  14. I think it's really cute and the clip is great because it makes the look but it doesn't block the entrance of the purse. :tup:
  15. very nice!! The clip adds a nice decorative accent!