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  1. Hello I own two Louis Vuittons the monogram papillion and the cerises speedy. I was thinking of buying a multicolore bag but wanted some opnions. Back or white? Can white only be used in the spring and summer? What style? I think I like one that I can carry over my shoulder. I love Leonor but 2600 is over my limit. Is multicolore too bright? All opnions welcome. Thanks:biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. I think wether it's black or white depends more on where you live. I use my black MC bags more often than I use my white ones (I am in Toronto, Canada) so I vote for black.:biggrin:
  3. I used to think the MC was overwhelming, but now I find it very bright and cheery. I personally prefer the White MC over the black.
  4. I personally use my white ones in the Spring/Summer and the black ones in the Fall/Winter. But that doesn't mean you can't carry it any other time, they look great any time of the year. But I'd go for black, just because I think you see white a lot more. As for choices, I'd maybe go with the Lodge or the

    Eliza- $855

    Lodge PM- $1200

    Sologne (my mom has this one in black)- $1250
  5. what do you think about shirley? how big is it? can it fit more than the pochette? I live in massachusetts. I like the white better, but I was thinking the black can be worn throughout the year. Also I need a black bag. Wish I could have on of everything!!!!!!!
  6. The shirley is VERY small. I think smaller in functionality than the pochette. How about the new eliza?
  7. Yeah the Shirley is really too pricey IMO, for such a tiny thing. One girl here, Michelle, used it for her wedding reception and that was it. It's really only a special occasion bag and barely fits even the essentials. I'd go for the Eliza as I posted in my first post (it's the first picture.)
  8. I prefer black- especially in the new Priscilla and Aurelia tote! :love:
    (the first pic is the Priscilla $1,320, the 2nd is the Aurelia MM for $1,250, and the third is Aurelia GM for $1,710, but it also includes a freebie pochette)
    Priscilla $1,320.jpg Aurelia MM $1,250.jpg Aurelia GM $1,710.jpg
  9. Go for black - year round use, and it's gorgeous in MC!
  10. i have the white Trouville and Pochette Accessoires, and i think it's more versatile than the black. and it looks so much prettier; i find the black a bit too much.
  11. I'd pick Black, its just soo eye popping each color is soo vibrant and rich! White is pretty too, but if you want uncommon i'd go w/ black. Here in Cali, there is a majority of brown and white Lv's
  12. I'd get the Aurelia or Eliza. It'll be beautiful in both colors. Goodluck w/ your decision. I'm sure you won't regret it.
  13. One of my favorite lines is black multicolore :heart: I use those bags year round. I also have white MC bags, but I tend to use those more during the spring/summer.

    The only bag I don't recommend getting is, the Shirley. Like others have mentioned, it's way too small.
  14. i personally like the white better. i find it more fun and refreshing!
  15. I like the white much better and I use my lodge pm the year round when it's not raining and I just love the bright colours on it. IMO the colours on the black look very neon like so that's not for me..
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