opionion!! which one should I choose?


which one do you like the most

  1. Monogram Petit Noe

  2. Monogram Sonatine

  3. Monogram Papillon 26

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. what do you like the most? Petit Noe, Sonatine or Papillon 26? or other?

    I am looking for a medium size everyday bag, which is has to be easy carrying(I dont really mind hand-held though), enough space for french purse, sun glasses, make up purse, tissue, cell phone, not too big, I wanna wear it in summer:yahoo:

    I already have a speed 30 in mono, Tulum pm, and a pochette accessories.

    Opionion will be appreicated:rolleyes:
  2. I think for everyday I would go for the papillon.
    Sonatine is too small and definitely can crunch your sunglasses
  3. I like the Sonatine best, but not sure if that's big enough for your stuff...? Do you have a bulky sunglass case? 2nd choice would be the Papillon! :yes:
  4. I would personally go for the Petit Noe .... love the style. :yes:
  5. I would usually say go for the Papillon, but feeling the Noe today. ;)
  6. I'm going with the Papillon.
  7. going with the Noe....or papillon 30, not 26
  8. Sonatine for me, it was my 2nd LV bag. I love the shape and the fact not a lot of people have it.
  9. Sonatine will be too small for what you just mentioned.

    I personally LOVE the petit noe, but some people find it too big...even I find it too big when I just put my makeup case, cell, wallet, and keys. Very lightweight, though...

    I think the pap 26 would be the perfect size for you, but you might have difficulty getting in and out of that bag (it will fit all you mentioned, but it's fairly small and your items will get crampted).

    My vote? Pap 26...:whistle:
  10. I can't pick between those at the moment - wish I could have some input .. mind you the thought of a petit Noe in Azur for the summer makes me smile ... :smile:
  11. i say the petit noe! it will definitely fit all the stuff you need and with some extra space as well! :amuse:
  12. Papillon
  13. Papillon 26 --- this is such a great bag. A must have!

    Depending on how your stuff will fit maybe consider looking into the Papillon 30.
  14. i love the sonatine... but it seems a tad small. i think you should go with the papillon 26
  15. Thats hard.........I say Noe...........