Opionion Pleaes!!

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  1. Ok, Girls, here is the situation. I have a Mono Speedy 30, Tulum pm. Right now, I am looking for a handheld bag, which is smaller than speedy 30, but still holds a enough. I am a Monograme person but I prefer to have less vacheta on the bag.

    I have few choices, but of course I am also open to other choices:

    Papillon 26 or 30
    Mini Noe
    Ellipse PM
    Vavin PM

    Thanks for your opionion!!:heart:
  2. For handheld, I like the popincourt.
  3. I :heart: the Popincourt! I think it's really adorable!
  4. I love the papillion and the mini noe
  5. love the Papillon... a Damier Papillon is my next LV :biggrin:
  6. pap or ellipse :smile:
  7. I'd go for poppincourt & ellipse PM
  8. I like the popincourt and sonatine.
  9. Popincout, I just bought one and love it:party:
  10. what about a manhattan pm?
  11. Popincourt it's really cute.
  12. Papillon all the way!
  13. pap 26 im getting one soooooon :smile:
  14. i vote for the papillon! either size would be great (depending on your needs).
  15. Papillon! :graucho:

    Or, the ellipse! Even though it's handheld, I love the look on this bag...so feminine.