Opinons please?! =)

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  1. #1 Mar 14, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2014
    Hi ladies. I recently went into my local chanel in saks and they had the new spring flaps out. I've been wanting a medium flap forever in beige w/ ghw but they had the fuchsia in patent and lambskin. I know I don't want a lambskin bag because they, in my opinion, just don't look good after so long no matter how much you a baby them. I don't particularly want to baby my bags too much anyways. I really like the patent, but have never owned a bag of that material before. What are your thoughts? Lots of upkeep? Are they easy? how do they wear? Here is the picture of the one I want.

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  2. Well, I only have two lambskin classic flaps, no patent... And I think lambskin is more durable than we think... If I'm not wrong, I read that some say patent is more carefree than lambskin...

    The point is: You have to be careful about colour transfer with both materials - but if something's wrong with the lambskin flap, it can be send to Chanel and repaired, while when there's a problem with patent, it can't be fixed... So I would probably go for lambskin... I'm waiting for the fuchsia mini lambskin to arrive at my local boutique ;)
  3. I'm kind of wondering why you have not only wandered off the path of what you want (the beige with ghw) but into a totally different material and color. I love the fuchsia, don't get me wrong, but do you no longer want the beige? As MaryJoe pointed out, once something happens with the fuchsia, you are pretty much left with a damaged bag that can't be repaired. Don't let anything else patent touch it or you will have issues. Same with receipts, newspaper, etc. If you spill anything on it, and it goes through the patent onto the leather underneath, it's permanent as well. If you know how to treat patent, then you're good to go, but the same can be said of lambskin.

    chasing my rainbow!

  4. I still do want the beige caviar w/ ghw =) They just don't have any right now and the wait list is ridiculously long. I was in there browsing, and just really liked The patent fuchsia combo. I thought it might be a nice purchase in the mean time.
  5. It is gorgeous. I have a new patent WOC and have had 2 other patent WOCs in the past with no problems. I also have a patent wallet. The wallet has been used for 7 years, I left it on top of my car at the gas station and it fell off and was run over (and returned to me, thankfully) and it still looks fantastic. Patent is easy to take care of. So, if you can afford the fuchsia, go for it!
  6. The pink is stunning it would be amazing for the spring/summer! Patent leather is very durable..I also agree with you I don't think lambskin looks good after a few years no matter what :smile: my next chanel is the m/l beige with gold in caviar!
    Good Luck :smile:
  7. I was once told by my cobbler never get anything but dark colors in patent because of color transfer. I think that's good advice.
  8. Patent leather is very easy to take care. It can wear in rain and shine. The only issue is it maybe occur color transfer. So don't wear you bag with dark cloths, especially jeans, and don't place you bag with dark color leather bag.
  9. Color transfer can come from clothing (coat, jeans, etc.) so be sure to be careful around any clothing you have not made colorfast with vinegar. Also be mindful of it coming into contact with other patents (they will stick together, trust me, and the result is not pretty) as well as receipts, newspaper, etc. Also, with light patents, be careful of weather, as rain can seep down onto the leather under the patent coating and permanently stain it dark.
    In that case, definitely get the fuchsia; the color is beyond fabulous!!
    I actually disagree about lambskin, as I have many lambskin bags and they look fabulous after many, many years. :smile:
    This in general is sage advice. Light patents you do have to be mindful of. I'm considering a light color patent myself, and know that I'll have to be careful of all the things I have warned the OP about. Your cobbler is very wise; black patent is worry free.

    chasing my rainbow!
  10. I have a fuschia LV bag that just got color transfer on :sad: pretty sad because it will be there permanently. I have a question about lamb- can scratches, dents, creases or color transfers be repaired? Thanks