opinons please?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm trying to make a decision and I'm having a hard time deciding...anyone with both bags who can tell me the pros and cons of each -

    The day vs. the pompon? which is easier to carry on the shoulder, all day running around with kids?
    Is the pom much heavier than the day?

  2. I've never seen a pompon IRL but do own several Day bags. They are extremely lightweight. I would think that the pompon would be heavier due to the strap.
    Are you interested in the mini pompon or the older full size ones (that are no longer being made)?
  3. Hi ;),

    I was interested in the older Pom style. It's officier w gsh. Looks gorgy but own two day bags in blue already...
  4. Day, definitely. Had a chance to try on a giant hardware pompon and it was extremely heavy. I love my day bags.
  5. Yes, the Pom is significantly heavier and more awkward to carry IMO.
  6. thanks for the input :smile: