Opinons on the LV Beverly GM?

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  1. I love the look of this bag it has the right size and feel for me but I am terribly afraid of trying to keep the edges in good condition. Any opinions?

  2. Nothing yet? Drat, this is my first topic I dared post. It would be my 1st LV purchase. I also love the BV or the BH undecided as of yet. Regardless i am still overjoyed to have found this place.:yahoo::heart::yahoo:

  3. Welcome!

    I saw this bag in person the other day. It looks alot better than the pics give it justice IMO. I need to go in and out of my bags often so I think that the clasp would get to be a pain after a while.

    I would probably go for the BV or the BH depending on your build. Hope this helps!
  4. I have the beverly clutch and absolutely adore the design of the beverly collection.
    I think it would be a bit difficult to keep clean, but im sure with a beautiful bag like that you wont be treating it badly. It would hold up beautifully im sure.

    GET IT! :biggrin:
  5. it's pretty!
  6. i love it but im worried about the size too, i want a big bag but not a HUGE bag, if thats makes lol!
  7. i think bag is very cute, its on my list do buy, but near the bottom.
  8. I like it! A lady at the boutique the other day had one but she was bringing it back to have the one corner repaired. She was moaning because she only had it for 1 week, so i think it depends if you are careful with the vachetta etc xx
  9. Welcome! I really like it i think you should get it if it does ever get damaged you could just take it to be repaired but just be careful thats all :smile:
  10. welcome on TPF!
    it's an huge bag, and the shape is really nice.
    I only don't like the flat handles.
  11. Errrrrrr, not a huge fan. The shape is nice and all, but it's just so BIG!
  12. Welcome! I really love the Beverly collection, but this bag is really big. I would personally have to try it on to see how comfortable it wears. The vachetta can be hard to keep clean, but as someone previously mentioned if you are careful with your bags you should be fine, if not there are always repairs! Overall, I would say if the size is not a problem, go for it!
  13. I like this style but I think it's not a daily use bag. The corners will show if worn out.
  14. I like it but I wouldn't get it only because of that clasp.....as pretty as it is it would annoy me. I am not sure how big it is - everyone seems to say it's huge - I would have to see it in person. I do think it's a beautiful looking bag....that I can say. Welcome to the forum btw.
  15. It's a little big IMO.