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  1. Ok so I am going to Bermuda the first week of October and there is a LV Boutique there...and i def want to buy something. Although the damier azur line is coming out one month after and i have my name on the list for the speedy( i wish it was coming out oct 1 instead of nov1) but neway my question is...

    should i buy the mono papillon 26 in bermuda or should i buy the denim speedy cles in bermuda and the damier azur speedy 30 in nov/dec at home?? because if i buy the papillon 26 i cant buy the damier...:shrugs:
  2. Honestly, I'd go with the Denim Speedy cles in Bermuda and the Damier Azur when it comes out.
    You can always get the Pap later if you want but if I were you, I'd get the Denim Speedy cles in Bermuda.
  3. hmm i think you right...thanks lv babydoll :smile:
  4. You're welcome :smile:
  5. i'm like OBESSED with looking a cles' at the moment... get a CLES!!! hehehehe!!!
  6. woooo....hard choice.....hmmm....well if you already have a speedy, I'd get the papillon, otherwise, DAMIER AZUR ALL THE WAYYYYYY! lol.....I usually don't like the (regular) Damier canvas...but azur's too cute!
  7. Eek idk! I have a mono and damier speedy currently
  8. I think I agree with this, even if you have speedy's already you obviously like the style and it works for you, so get the smaller thing on vacation and wait to get the azur, I think it will be more fun to get a new unusual piece than the mono papillon (which I love though) that we've all seen many of......
  9. I got my pochette in Bermuda. The ladies there were sooooo nice. I had like 10 bags out and the just offered advice and and kept bringing more bags. All of the bags I saw online were to big on my body IRL so I just settled for the pochette. My husband just sat in a chair and read his book.
  10. i'd def get the demin cles in bermuda because it it one of the cutest things ever...then I'd wait and get the damier azur in nov...that's exactly what I'm doing right now! I bought a cles today and I'm saving up for the azur...the papillon is always available when you want it hope this helps!
  11. :yes: agreed. You can always get the pap later.
  12. How is the pricing in Burmuda? I was surprised when I was in the Philippines and Hong Kong, pricing was about 15% higher!!
  13. I think you should get "the denim speedy cles in bermuda and the damier azur speedy 30 in nov/dec at home". The Speedy is worth waiting for!
  14. Thanks everyone!! I think ur right! Is bermuda priced different?
  15. Get the cles now in bermuda and wait for the dmier azur speedy!!!! I can't wait until Nov. I am waitlisted for the speedy myself.