1. So I'm soon to purchase my first... should I get the black Cambon bowling bag, or the large tote? I love them both.
  2. Tote
  3. I personally do not like the bowling style, it is way to boxy and it looks awkward on me (i'm 5' and 96 lbs, size 00) I prefer the tote. Esp the cotton club tote, it's growing on me. BUUTTT i've spent money on the vintage ligne which will have longer staying power IMO.
  4. I vote for the tote!

    I'm not a fan of the Cambon line, but the tote is so classic!
  5. tote!
  6. Definitely the tote!
  7. LOL !!! The voice of dissension !!!:p Get the Cambon Bowling Bag !!!
  8. I have the tote which I love, the only downside for me is the inside zipper compartment it does't close for the whole bag and it is easy for someone to reach into your bag (I havd my phone stolen with this bag),:crybaby: so next month I am getting the bowler.
  9. tote!
    cammy1-aw, i am sorry to hear this happen to you:crybaby:
  10. oo... dispite cammy's bad experience... i still say tote! (but its good to know the downside of each)

    and maybe you would take the cotton club into consideration, they have a bowler and tote style very similar to cambon -they're considered the "re-vamped" cambons

    i personally LOVE the cotton club tote :smile: and the new colors they're offered in are GORG!
  11. I'm in the minority but I vote bowler. I loveeee it!
  12. Tote!
  13. I would go with the tote.
  14. I vote for tote.
  15. 100% Tote :yes: