• We're proud to announce our first collaboration with Ralph Lauren, featuring their Polo ID line of bags. Check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Feb 28, 2006
I think this bag is so cute! What is everyones opinion on it? This is one of the bags I'm hoping bf is getting me for x-mas.

This one is gorgeous too w/ the porforated trim but might be alittle too big for me.

Then there is the new floorset coming out at the end of this month. Do you think I should save mine & bf's money & get something then? I mean if I don't like anything in the new floorset this will still be available, right? Thanks.


Apr 16, 2006
I like the first bag-it goes well with jeans, but is definitely a "resort" or spring bag. I have the Hampton's business tote in the pebbled leather and I love it. It is very convenient and holds quite a bit. This style is definitely classic. it also comes in a few different sizes, and the smallest size is not that large. I saw the lookbook for merchandise coming out from 12/26 through about February and they have some cute things. The Hamptons tote will be back in some different colors, including camel and white and has a braided band instead of the current "belt". Two ways to think about it: if you buy one of these two bags and later change your mind, you can always return it. On the other hand, if you wait, you can backorder the older styles if they are still available through the company.


Sep 22, 2006
I've seen a number of the denim bags at Macy's, including one that looked just like that, except it had the dark C's on a light background. The only one that had the dark background and the light C's was the shoulder bag/duffle with the brown trim and dogleash closure. Maybe they weren't new, but with the white trim, I assumed they were.

I really like the first bag you posted the picture of, just make sure it looks like that in real life before you buy it, or that you like the colors reversed.