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  2. Id say, not my style on this one. Sorry
  3. I think it's a cute casual purse--if you really love it and think you'd use it--go for it. Otherwise wait for something you love. That's my new motto :P
  4. Good motto. I love everything though.

    As for this bag - I'm not crazy about the knot on the strap.:worried:
  5. Oh, don't be sorry! :biggrin:

    I am pretty sure I will never buy it, but it does catch my eye. Just wondering what the other handbag aficionados thought. :P
  6. hmmm...I have started to like larger bags, but this one looks like it might fit too closely into the brief-case realm. It seems very wide and boxy. If it did not catch your eye in person that is probably because it only looks very good when staged with a waifish model :amuse:
  7. I have found that to be so true. Being on the tall side...bags don't always look the same on me.
  8. it's not bad...i really like the shape, unless it's a little bit too big
  9. It's okay . . . not a must have, though. I feel the front pockets are bit too big in proportion to the bag. It makes it seem like the bag is all pockets. If it's on sale and you like it, then go for it. But if its regular price, then I say wait it out.
  10. It looks cute on the model. I think this bag is definitely one that needs to be seen in person, and tried on. I would say, for now, a pass.
  11. I really don't like it ... sorry .... I don't like the knot in the strap and the color is a little "muddy."
  12. It's a nice everyday bag IMO. I like the color!
  13. it look better on the models shoulder than it does sitting alone :lol:
  14. i am sorry :cry: but i dont like it..
    that color if i ever came across to.. will cause me self deprission! :amazed:
    knot.. and pockets.. are :oh: