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  1. Isabella Fiore Angelina hobo

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  2. I saw this at Adasa's website, but I don't know. I kind of like it, but I'd need to see it IRL.
  3. I like it, but I don't love it...something about the shoulder strap. It could be cuter inperson though.
  4. i also like but don't love, but i think it would hang better on a shoulder than it does in that pic. it's hard to judge it, it's so squished up.
  5. i am sorry dear i am not a fan of Hobo shape in general! :blink:
    and this one in particular looks soooooo un-comfortable! :oh:
  6. I like the color, but it looks kind of scaly, like a snake or a fish.
  7. The shoulder strap does look disproportionate to the rest of the bag in that picture.

    I have not seen one IRL though.

    Were you thinking of exchanging the moni for this?
  8. I actually kind of like it! But the others are right about the shoulder straps!
  9. Same here, like but don't love.. I think it's the cut off quilted fabric with that other fabric that ruins it for me.. <--- that made no sense, sorry :P
  10. Not really caring for it. Sorry.
  11. I like it okay. I don't like how folded up or squashed it looks though.
  12. Well, maybe. It's not a bag that I immediately love, but I am intriged by it for now.

    I sent the Moni Moni bags back today...Adasa was really nice about it and are going to reimburse me for the shipping back to them.

    The lady said that other customers have called on the bag as well, but regarding the lining and holes in them. She called the Co. and they said due to the washing process, they all had that. :amazed:

    I took pics, I'll post them in a minute.
  13. I agree. The bag looks very nice, definitely not a love it. The straps are just too thin or something for the bulk of the bag.
  14. It's ok. I really don't like the fabric...it looks too scale-like.
  15. This is a different Angelina hobo by IF, just to show the shoulder strap ratio on them.

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