Ducks for the Cup!
Aug 4, 2008
Alberta, Canada
I had this teacher for social last semester and he was really funny and kind of cute,, ok but, I kind of fell for him.. it's not a crush.. it feels like love.. I know that sounds cliche but I really feel that it is. I'm 17 and I think hes around 30-ish
He found out last semester that I liked him and it was made into this huuuge deal, but I guess it kind of got resolved. I can't get over him.. I just can't stop thinking about him, and when I see him in the halls, I get all flushed and stuff. Sooo embaressed about this.. omg
but I have this other teacher that was involved with this whole thing with me and him last year, and I still talk to her about stuff.. should I tell her how I still feel about my other teacher? I really want to, and let her know how I feel, because she helped me a lot last year
if so, what should I say to her.. like "Uh, yeah, sooo I just can't forget about him?" I'd be soo embarresed.

Thanks for reading this!


Oct 12, 2006
If you feel like it would be helpful to you in any way to talk to her about it, then by all means, do so.

If a huge deal was made of it, then it is almost certain that roughly 70 squillion alleged grownups will have told you that you are jailbait, regardless of how you feel, or even if he feels any attraction to you, then that is something that he should keep entirely to himself and not share with anyone at all, especially you, at least until you reach the legal age of consent in your state, and even if that should happen while you are still in school, it would be extremely inappropriate for him to evince any interest in you, or have any relationship with you beyond that of teacher and student.

Once you are of legal age AND out of school, you will, as an adult, be free to ask him, or anyone else who interests you, out on dates, but until then, it does not matter whether what you feel for him is a crush, infatuation, physical desire, or Authentic and Verifiable True Love.

He is a teacher, you are a student and you are jailbait, and he could end up in really big trouble if he so much as looks at you in a way that might seem inappropriate to another adult, and if it is known that you like him, then he is going to be watched extremely closely, and any look he gives you is liable to appear inappropriate to any given adult who knows of your feelings, and hooking up with you could land him in jail, even if you swore up and down that it was you who threw him down over his protests and had the whole thing on tape to back it up.


Judge Roughneck
Apr 25, 2008
thanks, shimma, for articulating what I was rolling around in my head!

when I was a senior in high school I followed my government/economics teacher around like a lost puppy and a dude I rejected started a rumor that I'd slept with the teacher and thankfully it never got TOO out of hand (the teacher was the guy's football coach and laid the smack down) but it could have been really awful, more so for the teacher than for me. tread VERY lightly with this, his career can be screwed up with something like this.


Jan 29, 2006
Please don't take this the wrong way, but for your own sake, I would talk to your girlfriends about your crush on teachers. I would not discuss it with other teachers.

Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
^^^ ITA! You might be looked upon as being a danger to this teacher's career. You know how some people yell 'wolf' to get attention.
I reread your post, you stated a big deal was made out of this & yet it feels like love. Love is a feeling that is returned. This is not love, you have a school girls crush on someone who could be charged with a crime if he was to return your feelings. You will develop a crush on several people over the next few years. Enjoy your youth & have fun with your friends.


Mar 15, 2006
Im sorry for being straightforward, but he probably doesn't like you.. at all, since you are really making his life difficult with your crush, because it can have a devastating affect on his career. My advice for you, would be to grow up and be a big girl, and find boys your own age, or occupy yourself in other ways, and stop acting creepy.