1. What's better:




    I'm not sure which to decide on. Also, has anyone actually purchased one of these before? How was it?

    (Both Tiffany's)
  2. I really like the first one...I am rather particular when it come's to the shapes of hearts.

    Good luck in making your decision!!
  3. It depends on what you usually wear,

    If you wear a lot of Jeans and Ts then go with the first one .... it makes a cool looking kinda lady

    If you normally wear cute dresses or skirts then I'd go with the heart...it's more feminine and fun :smile:
  4. Depends. The heart says Tiffany to me more than the circle.
  5. I like the heart better but that's only because I love heart jewelry
  6. #1 - I'm not into hearts.
  7. i liek the heart better personally
  8. I like the circle more.x
  9. Another vote to the heart here. It's cuter IMO.
  10. I like the first one better
  11. im not really a fan of heart jewelry thats why im going to choose #1. But they are both cute.
  12. I like how the heart hangs at an angle. The circle is cute, too, but the heart has a little more personality.
  13. I like the heart; I have a fondness for hearts!
  14. Personally? I like the first one better. The shape seems more classic and long lasting. :smile: They're both lovely though.
  15. I love them both! I'm not usually a fan of heart shaped jewelry, but that one is adorable!!!