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  1. On this bag...

    I guess it's not actually weaved leather,but embossed to appear that way. I am thinking that would wear better than if it were actually weaved? Then the edges might get worn looking.

    I like it, but am not quite sure about the shape with the gathers near the middle. I find myself veering toward this bag whenever I see it online...but haven't heart anything about it.

    I am looking for a black bag with brass colored hardware....I dislike very much my Kooba Sienna black bag that came yesterday. :oh:
    The leather is beautiful....but the style in black is just too much for me. :Push:

    Product DetailsAndrea Brueckner's new handbag collection is one of the most sought after this season. It's an extremely practical bag with a leather basketweave body that looks so good you'll want to carry it year round!
    • 17" Long x 8" High
    • 17" Strap length
    • Black basketweave embossed leather with front draping detail
    • Double piping strap
    • Main compartment features zip closure
    • Interior zip pocket and cell phone pockets
    • Antique gold hardware
    • A MUST for this season!

    Also attached a pic of in brown for more detail viewing...and a different view in black.

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  2. Because its so large I wonder how it will fall when there isn't stuffing in it. Not a favorite for me.
  3. It reminds me of a spy bag/bottega veneta hybrid.
  4. I have seen lots of celebs with this bag , like Linsday Lohan, they have it at shop intuition. The bag does keep the shape. I do think it looks similar to BV style bc of the woven look.
  5. Oh dear....it's on sale. :biggrin:

    Out of these two, I am thinking that the AB bag is more timeless than the Kooba...but darn if I don't love the look of the Kooba Claudia. Thoughts?

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  6. Here is the Kooba Claudia being carried...

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  7. U know what.... this AB bag is starting to grow on me. I didn't like it at first but now the more I look at these photos, the more I'm starting to like it. Get it Bjara!
  8. AB, definitely!
  9. i like them both, but the claudia is huge! i have the chiara and its big enough, can't imagine carrying the claudia
  10. Your first pick is great...a classic style is always good in the closet!
    Kooba does look too large.
  11. i like the AB a lot more, kooba has not impressed me yet.
  12. Today I tried on both the Chiara and the Claudia...I love the size of the Claudia, it felt really comfy. For me, the Chiara is too small.

    That said, although I like it....I think it looks like every other teeny bopper, designer inspired bag that you see at the mall kiosks.

    I would love to see a AB in person...I may just have to order the large and the medium to see which fits me better.

    I took the Sienna bags back the Neimans today. Hubby is mad at me because I have nothing for him to put under the tree. :P
  13. Activeendeavors.com does not allow returns on sale items...no thanks. :sad2:
  14. No sale at Luna Boston but they do have both sizes. This bag is really growing on me.


    I found celebs pic's this bag does hold its shape I think they are carrying the medium. If you want to view it its @ www.summerblu.com there was no link to paste.