Opinions - YSL Muse Satchel?

  1. I think it is cute!

    I have never seen it IRL, but it seems a bit small for me. For that price, I would buy a muse, which seems to be a more classic style.

    You should look in the Deals and Steals forum under the BlueFly codes thread to see if you can get an additional 10-20% off the listed price.
  2. I believe they advertised that as part of the Rive Gauche collection and I think it's a really nice, versatile satchel. It's not a statement piece or anything, but if you're looking for something more understated that's just a classic-looking bag, this would be a good fit. I was looking at one in grey, but in the end just decided I already had too many satchels and needed something to shake up my wardrobe a little more. ;) One thing I found very tempting was the leather, because you can tell it's gorgeous (just like with the larger Rive Gauche).
  3. i think its a classic bag, like muse which u can use it for long time...
  4. Thanks for your thoughts!! shazam, you're right, I read through some other posts and it looks like it's a Rive Gauche, not a muse like Bluefly lists it as. I'm just starting my couture bag collection so I could use some satchels... Although, gr8heart, you make a good point, it does seem a bit expensive when compared to the muses. Ah, decisions, decisions :smile: