Opinions: wristlets

  1. I've just recently became hooked on Coach. (about a month ago actually) and I'm considering a wristlet for my next purchase. My only question is for those who have one or more...how practical are they considering their size??
  2. I have 4 Coach Wristlets and they are all the bigger size.. Not the 3 x 5 size.. I think their FANTASTIC! Perfect for running errands or I have my big bag at work and when we run out to lunch or the cafeteria, I just bring the wristlet with me.
  3. I'd say it depends on how much you're used to carrying.. they're great for when you just need the basics like your keys, cash, ID, and a small lipgloss. Some people even use them to store make up inside larger purses.
  4. I buy wristlets and never use them. I use a mini skinny as a wallet and have no use for a wristlet.
  5. I love wristlets! I have two so far, the double pocket ones and theyre a bit larger than your average wristlet and it just makes my purse so much more organized!
  6. same, but i just bought a small one to keep my small things organized in my messenger, but my other one i never use.
  7. I have the larger wristlet that I use to store lipgloss and makeup inside a larger bag. It is much easier to access I find and gives me an excuse to carry another Coach item in my bag :P
  8. I don't have any wristlets I bought one before then regretted it so I returned it. If I run to the store or an errand real quick I'll just grab my mini skinny or my (it's considered I guess a cosmetic or pencil case), it holds quite a bit I can put my mini skinny, keys, makeup, & garage remote in it & thats all I need for a quick errand.
  9. I think the wristlets are VERY practical. Oftentimes I find myself making quick trips with only my wrislet. I have the mini skinny too, but thats way too small for me. I really need to just use that for change.
  10. I think wristlets are great. I have a beige signature wristlet and I can bring it with me to just pay money without my whole bag.

    It's very practical.
  11. I never just wear my wristlet buy itself, so I only use my wristlet as a wallet.
  12. wristlets are great small makeup bags and good for putting "female supplies" in inside a larger open style tote. I usually try to have a matching one in all my large purses. I also sometimes keep my pen in it for fear of it accidently leaking and ruining my purse.
  13. I like to put makeup in the wristlets and excess business cards.
  14. I have almost 20 of them and I love them! I take them when I go out and don't need to bring a lot of stuff liek bars/clubs (whenever my friends drag me to one) and I used it as a camera case and plop it into my purse.
  15. oh wow i never thought to use it as a camera case...wow the possibilites!! i think once i get my mj fran ill finally start to use the coach black and white wristlet i have, other wise its my new apple green leather small wristlet (what a mouthful) for my fossil messenger or lesportsacs.