Opinions--would you trade your black caviar jumbo for a metallic black reissue?

  1. I thought I had made up my mind to return my classic flap in exchange for the reissue. But, I am still debating. I know it is purely personal preference, but I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  2. No I wouldn't, but I am one of the minority who was never that impressed with the reissues.
  3. i wouldnt either... just because metallic is not my color..

    and even if it was... i get the feeling that black will always be classic but metallic not so much.
  4. No!!!!!!
  5. heck no
  6. honestly, no...
    i don't really into the reissue
  7. i have both and love both. they're very different and not comparable IMO. but if i had to choose i would keep the classic flap. mainly because it's a classic and goes with everything. prices for both are just going to keep climbing...

    if you're returning the classic flap then you won't take a loss but if it's too late for that and you decide to sell it on eBay, you might have to lose some money since it's always at boutiques.

    good luck
  8. I have the black caviar jumbo, but passed on the black metallic reissue. Not that I don't love reissues, because I do (don't own any yet), but for some reason, in black I just prefer the classic jumbo.
  9. no..
  10. no way! have never cared for the reissue either, (am one of the very very few :sweatdrop:) and too small for me...can fit more in jumbo classic flap
  11. No, I'm not a huge fan of the reissue.
  12. I would, but I much prefer the reissue to the caviar flap.
  13. Another vote for keeping the classic flap you can use it day or night and it's not too dressy like the re-issue IMO
  14. I concur, keep the jumbo flap. It is classic and the metallic is a trendy classic.
  15. Definitely NOT! Never been a fan of the reissues.