opinions - white or black multicolore cles

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  1. I have a white mc cles that I am going to use as a key chain - so I will use it all the time (I have a pomme one too but it's too scary for every day use).

    So here's my question - should I get a black one instead? Since it might get dirty more easily - or is the white one pretty easy to keep clean?
    Thanks =)
  2. I'd get black because it seems like it wouldn't get that dirty and becuase I prefer black MC over white.
  3. White! I like how the different colors are on the White background better :biggrin:
  4. I like the white, the black always kind of reminded me of halloween. The white isnt really as prone as most whites is to getting dirty. My white MC speedy is as white as it was the day I bought it, and I'm kind of rough with it.
  5. i like white mc better....the colors seem to pop more!
  6. i like white..
  7. I have to agree, it looks better in white.
  8. I love black MC more -- so black MC cles!
  9. I have to vote black, I love white too but just something about that black.
  10. white. i have a white mc cles and love it. daddy brought it home as a surprise from michigan ave :smile:
  11. I like both, but I prefer the black!!
  12. i would use the pomme one :yes: but if it was the mc choice.. then i would use the white mc.. cause i love white mc much more.:heart:
  13. another vote for the white one!
  14. I'd go for the black one because clés just seem to get dirty more easily in comparison to let's say a bag as you're always handling it...
  15. White is actually really easy to keep clean. I have that one too and even after using it for quite awhile, it's still perfect. It's in the attached pic. :smile:

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