Opinions: Which wallet should I keep?

  1. I recently ordered the Legacy French Purse in both khaki signature and black leather because I couldn't decide which one I wanted. The khaki/black combo was sold out on coach.com and in stores so as soon as it became available I snatched it up. I now have them both in front of me and I still can't decide!

    I already have the Legacy Slim Envelope Wallet in black leather. Plus, I have the Legacy Mini Skinny in khaki/black, which matches the khaki/black wallet so my gut tells me to keep the khaki/black but the black leather is just so gorgeous!

    What do y'all think?

    No, keeping them both isn't an option, either. :p


  2. They are both beautiful! What bag will you most likely be using it in? If I carry a leather bag I usually do signature accessories and vice-versa.
  3. I'd say keep the khaki/black one. This wallet will go with a lot and since you already have a black wallet already, go for something different. Plus, it will match your mini skinny.
  4. I vote for the black/khaki!!!

  5. I agree-- keep the khaki/black. It's a nice change from the all black, but it will still go with so much.
  6. I agree with beanpolejd. I'd keep the black/khaki wallet.
  7. I'll be carrying it in both leather and signature bags. I have black leather, black signature and khaki signature.

    I'm thinking I will keep the khaki/black...
  8. Khaki/black is my vote too!
  9. Khaki black for sure :smile:
  10. Khaki black
  11. I like the khaki black!
  12. Definitely khaki/black. Gorgeous!
  13. Same for me - you've already got the leather in the slim wallet.
  14. I'm gonna go against the popular vote and say the black one.... I have it and just love the light pink interior.
  15. I like the khaki/black :smile: