Opinions!! Which bangle do you prefer?

  1. I'm thinking of getting one of these, or might be receiving it as a gift (I hope!!) :smile: I own alot of brown/tans, so the mahogany & silver 1/2" would match my wardrobe (& my new patchwork bag).
    Buuut... I couldn't ALWAYS wear it, like if I wore a dressy outfit at night or something & it didn't match, even if I wanted to, I coudln't wear it, so that leaves me with the other bangle which I love equally, especially because it would go with anything. My only qualm with it is that it's big at 1"; I have small wrists & wear 3 bracelets on that wrist every day as it is. Suggestions? Preferences? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Oh I love the wider one on the bottom! I think the only problem is the weight- it would be perfect for a dressy night out but when I tried them on I thought it was a bit heavy for everyday wear.

    I'd still probably get the wide silver one though- I think the all silver design is very elegant.
  3. I wear my black/silver everyday and I think it is dressy enough to wear for a night. So I would go for the first one.
  4. I have both sizes, but the 3/4" is more managable. I have legacy, silver, black/silver in 3/4" and pink/silver and Tattersall in 1-1 1/2". I love them all, but basic silver will "match" more items.
  5. you could just get the thinner one in silver/silver. its the one i have, and it goes with everything.
  6. I agree with this post! I have seen the first in all silver and it is so classy!!!!
  7. ITA:tup:
  8. I like the first one but in silver/silver.
  9. Oh good call guys! I forgot that the thinner bracelet comes in all silver!

    I change my vote to that :smile:
  10. I too vote for the smaller one in silver/silver!
  11. ditto.. smaller in silver/silver! :tup:
  12. Yes! I'd go for the thinner one in silver!!! That would be soo pretty, plus it would be more comfortable to wear IMO. Good luck deciding!!
  13. I would go for silver/silver or gold/gold. Either are very classy and can be dressed up or down.
  14. OH, DURH!!! lol thanks guys! :idea:Why didn't I think of that!? Thinner one in silver would be *perfect*; I'd get the best of both bangles & definitely get the most use out of it that way... & who doesn't want to wear a Coach bangle as much as possible? :smile:

    Or... I can get it now & just add more to my collection later, like a wider bangle or one with color :angel: hehehe
  15. I LOVE the first one.