opinions - what is your vote for the most uncomfortable CL shoe style?

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  1. Without a doubt or a moment's hesitation, Rolando's! I got them a half size up (35.5) and this is one style I just cannot wear! I have average to wide feet and maybe that's part of the problem but the toebox is super tight (my poor toes were all scrunched up) and I couldn't take more than 4 steps in the shoes before I took them off and said 'never again'.
  2. Rolandos get my vote as well with Décolletés as a close second :Push:
  3. Décolletés for sure!!
  4. Mine too! I don't wear them that often! Those are car-restaurant-car shoes as well!

    I read all this stuff and I am thinking I only own uncomfortable shoes lol! This means I need VP's lol
  5. I did not tried SO many styles but so far... Bloody Mary. Without a single doubt. I had them for one week and one week only. Could not even think about walking in them outside.
  6. For me it's Rolando and Pigalle.
  7. Hmmm, I find the Declic and Feticha comfortable. Feticha was a bit challenging at first... Now, after a couple of wears they are quite comfortable to me ... I have not tried the Pigalles or Rolando yet but I must say the Pigalle scares me a bit!!:-s
  8. My Open Clics are the bane of my existence, but I still love them!:blush:
  9. for me its got to be the declic 140 - i still cant master those babies. the pigalle 120 is a new love of mine, and i think i am in the minority here as i dont find them uncomfortable just quite high!
  10. woo hoo! spreading the PIGalle love!! \(^(oo)^)/

    as most already know, those happen to be piggy's comfy walking shoes (^(oo)^)v

    ROLANDO, on the other hand: only shoe that i could not conquer! my little piggies just weren't meant to squish into that tiny little toe box!
  11. another vote for rolando

  12. I love my Bloody Mary's!! I have two pairs, both 100's. Maybe it's the 120's that cause pain?

    For me it's the Bang Bang ankle boots. Instant foot spasm, and that was before I tried to stand up in them. I believe the Lastic booties have a similar effect on the foot.
  13. declic 140 for sure! i think i stood up in them and sat right back down at the boutique and that was that hehe.

    I think comfort depends on your foot shape and any problem areas you have. I find the Ron Ron to be so comfortable. Anything in soft python/watersnake is also very comfy :smile:
  14. Short toe boxes seem to be my bane. Both the Declic and Miss Clichy pumps just kill my feet (although I persist in wearing my Miss Clichys anyway).
  15. I think the most uncomfortable for me are my Babel boots! The incline is strange and very steep....soooo worth it though! :P