Opinions... what do you think of yellow bags?

  1. Hey everyone,
    Just a quick question... what do you think about yellow bags? Do you think it would be a great color for spring/summer or not?
  2. I loove, love yellow!! It is such a fun color and will add a punch to what you are wearing. Here's a cute one from Tano in their new spring colors. It isn't too yellow and is more of a neutral. I love it.

  3. oooo super cute kings... are they selling those yet?
  4. Not yet, but soon! Check out musthavebag.com in mid Feb I believe
  5. Sorry, just checked the TANO thread and it won't be in until April/MAy. They do have other cute bags in the meantime, in cool colors like watermelon (coral/pink) and pool (turquoise!!)
  6. Cool, thanks kings.. i'm so undecisive about bag colors right now... i want to get a color, but not sure if i should do a yellow or a blue (turquoise)... any one have any other opinions on what would probably go w/more things? Plus i'm not sure even what designer I want to purchase a bag from, so many choices! I do like th MAB from the RM collection in the night blue and yellow...
  7. i think a yellow bag would look great with dark clothes :smile:
  8. I have some things that would look great with a yellow bag. But they also look great with some of my other bags. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on one. Someone I "know" on a different forum got a cute one at Target and I bought the same one. I love it, and it was only $20 so I won't feel bad if I don't use it very often. It's bright yellow though. That light yellow Tano is quite cute...
  9. Yeah very true bastet... i'm not sure how often i would use a yellow bag during the summer... its like it would go with a lot of things, even lighter color clothes (IMO)... hmmm maybe i might have to wait on jumping the gun to buy a color bag over $300 bucks... what does anyone else think? do you think thats too much to buy a color bag for?
  10. just got one yellow satchel yesterday..


    yellow is definitely one of the spring color.. :yes:
  11. I love yellow. I work in a conservative field and typically wear very neutral colors (lots of black and grey, even in summer), so a yellow bag is a great way for me to spice up an outfit. My favorite is the LV Alma with the purple lining. :smile:
  12. I love the LV epi yellow (now discontinued so you can only find it on Let trade or eBay)! It's a beautiful, bright, happy color but it's still neutral enough to go with a lot of different outfits. I saw a cute Epi yellow petit noe on eBay the other day, I think they are usually under $300?
  13. yes..for me light/neon colors are great colors for summer!
  14. I'm in the same boat. I wear black suits most days, so my bag is my "punch" of color. I have the large Bulga tote in mustard yellow, and use it a fair bit in the summertime.
  15. Yellow is my favorite color, but I have resisted buying a yellow bag because I own too much yellow clothing. Yellow is a good color, but yellow on yellow is a bit too much. If I owned more neutrals, I would definitely buy a yellow bag.