Opinions wanted


Dec 9, 2016
So I have decided I want a blue Chanel flap. There are 2 preloved bags I am looking at. One is a baby blue geometic lambskin small flap. The second is a navy patent leather boy reverso flap. I really want both, but can't get both.

I have a lambskin already so I know that a light lambskin can lead to color transfer showing up and scratches. I do not have a patent leather bag so am unfamiliar with how they hold up.

Opinions? TIA


Mar 27, 2006
Not where I'd like to be
Pictures would really help as I need to see the baby blue color. It's typically not what I would choose. I do like navy but prefer patent leather in small doses. The bags are pretty different in colors and style. What made you decide to choose between these two? If it's just the price I'd hold out until I find something a truly love.