Opinions wanted

  1. In the light of recent, heated events and drama, I suggest the following:

    An additional, anonymous sub-forum within Hermes, no user names, no signatures, no avatars, no profiles.

    That way ya'll can share your goods without the possible consequences of envious reactions.

    Last thing I want is for people to be uncomfortable in their own "4 walls", hesitant to share their goodies because they are in fear of someone talking smack about them. Sharing is essential on forums like ours and the community would be only half as fun if it weren't for the fabulous member contributions.

    Let's hear opinions. :idea:
  2. I'm not uncomfortable with using a user name
  3. I would not enjoy anonymous posting. Just my humble opinion.
  4. I'm cool with the way things are now.
  5. While I understand the spirit behind this suggestion, it seems to me that knowing about a new purchase "in context" is more interesting. By in context, I mean that viewing a new Hermes item posting is enhanced by knowing a little about the lucky owner and her/his collection. So, rather than make things more impersonal and anonymous, my preference would be to toss out the rotten apples in the TPF barrel.
  6. Being anonymous may lost the fun of sharing, but yet I AM reluctant to post pictures after thet whole incident.... :shrugs:
  7. how will anyone remain anonymous if they watermark their pictures with their user name?
  8. How about a warning sticky - posting information makes it public and not everyone is nice, etc. -- so people can decide to be more careful or are comfortable with what they write? I would hate to lose too much of knowing who my H friends are!
  9. I like things the way they are, but we now know to keep things more discrete, which I believe we will do.
  10. i think its a great idea --- anyone who wants to do so could still post as we do now in the regular hermes forum, and people who prefer not to be identified with their purchases could post in the anonymous sub-forum.

    i don't think vlad meant converting the entire hermes to an anonymos posting section, but adding a new area with anonymous posts -- or did i misunderstand? (wouldn't be surprised -- happens all the time . . . .)

  11. This would just be a subforum in Hermes for this sole purpose.
  12. I also like things the way they currently are. When I read that a tPF friend has a new purchase or had a bad day, I like that I'm able to PM her and send my congrats or commiserate about stress. If we are all anonymous, that very special part of tPF goes away. I agree that we do need to be more judicious in posting specific details of our purchases and whatnot but I also believe we have all now learned that lesson.

    ETA - ah! I took a phone call in between starting and finishing this post. Now I get it. Not an entirely anonymous subforum, just an anonymous section.
  13. Vlad, jag, this is a good idea. I personally like the idea of anonymous posting, although there are plenty of people who really 'need' to know Who Has What. But at least with the subforum, people who prefer to be discreet can post with pride, while others who are more comfortable sharing... well, more, can still discuss their purchases on the regular board.

    Why not. I say: go for it.
  14. I agree
  15. Maybe it's my long time experience with the internet - but isn't that common sense that publicly posted materials can be abused eventually? I'd hate to have to remind people of that, know what I mean?

    This whole idea came after brainstorming for solution of how to keep the H community safe, especially after recent events.