opinions wanted! which color sunnies?

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  1. ok so which color do you guys like better? first let me say i'm using ebay as a picture reference i'm not buying from there. and secondly, i really don't wear black at all lots of browns and neutrals... but shouldn't a girl have a black pair of sunnies?? i dunno torn. let me know. i'll post modeling pics soon cause i bought both. i have to sleep now. work. grrrrr!!



    thank you my loves! :flowers:
  2. I love the golden brown with the rhinestones! Black shades don't look good on my complexion.
  3. I think they both are hot! Personally, I would get the black ones, but Charmed05 made a great point about the color matching your complexion. But since you wear browns/neutrals, I think brown is the way to go!
  4. I'd go with the black for asian skin. Never liked brown personally and yes you need a pair of black sunnies. It's a staple!
  5. well my first question would be do you wear silver or gold jewellery? This would determine my choice...
  6. I like the brown best in this style.
  7. wow this is my exact same problem shorty!!! :nuts: My sunnies are always in the brown side because they say it goes really well with my complexion and my hair color....BUT a girl needs at least one black sunnies like Kav said. (decisions decisions!!) So I guess it's up to you...I think go with whatever looks nice on you! I'm not much help huh?!?! With this style though, I do agree with guccilover...I like the brown one better! ;)

    coco made an excellent point too!!! I never really took that into consideration. Thanks a bunch!!!
  8. Shorty ~ I had a similiar pair of sunnies and since sold them. We totally have the same tastes! I really like that style with the horsebit details on the side. I like both but if you had to choose, I guess it would depend on the jewelry like coco said...
  9. thanks for all your comments. here are the pics ladies.



    i think i'm goin with brown girls. i know i need black sunnies but the brown sunnies are way more spectacular in real life. heheeee they are big but i love them!
  10. I tried both of them on at saks and I like the brown alot.
  11. i like more black ones..but both of them look fabolous on u..
  12. I like the brown ones a lot better on you!
  13. ^ thank you! i do wear a lot of silver jewelry and i have a pair of white chanels with grey lenses. so those can be my "black" ones. yea i heart the brown ones a lot. they are way more impressive than the black ones really really. if i tell you guys the price you will freak out. :biggrin::sneaky:
  14. I have similar brown ones except they have the frame around the lens. I bought these in Fl at this little sunglass shop. I was going back and forth black or brown but brown seems to look better on most people.
  15. yaaaaaay, i voted brown and that's the one that worked out for you. In the words of Paris Hilton ---- THAT'S HOTTTT!!!