Opinions wanted on straw clutch for summer

  1. What do you all think of this bag?

    I'd like to get a straw clucth for the summer, but I realize this will probably only be a style I'll want for a year or two so I want to keep the price relatively low.

    This one from Hype has jumped out at me so far.


    And please feel free to post any other suggestions! I'm really not looking to spend more than $80.

  2. OH I LOVE that! It's too cute!! I might have to get one for myself now. :push:
  3. I think it's lovely. Is straw the only material you are interested in for summer?
  4. I think it's cute and the price is right, so many straw items are $$, and I just don't think they last. I say go for it!
  5. Very cute, but I always wonder how do you fit everything into a clutch? :shrugs:
  6. It's not the only material i'm interested in, but I want to do something different and summery. And I've been drawn to straw clutches for some reason.

    I'm certainly open to other recomendations though! Most of my bags are fall/winter colors (which makes sense, because those are colors I'm more drawn to). So I kind of want something the screams (politely) summer!:p
  7. Cute!
  8. Oh wow, it looks great I love the clasp :smile:
  9. I have a killer clutch around here somewhere by Rolo? It's hard with a metallic glaze. I think I should display it on a shelf because to me it is Art. I'll post a pic when it turns up...
  10. Veeeeeeeeeeeery cute!
  11. old navy has one for $12 i think
  12. Ooooo I like
  13. Kate spade makes some really cute wicker ones, but they are more expensive. They had them last summer, too though, so you might be able to find one at a good price on fleabay.
  14. wow I love that clutch, so cute and really refreshing for summer.