Opinions wanted: Leigh or Miranda

  1. Hi all:

    I ordered the Miranda satchel the other day and am currently awaiting it's arrival.
    I also like the Leigh bag, now that I have seen it on the website and realized that it too, is the vintage leather as I really like the thicker leathers. Which do you all prefer if you were only going to get one?
    I like the style of the Miranda, (but I own a YSL Muse which has a similar shape) but like the versatility of being able to carry the bag on my shoulder (which I have questions about with the Leigh).
  2. I just received the Leigh and I can wear it on my shoulder. Awaiting my Miranda, but I plan to wear it on my forearm or hold it by the handles. Their sizes are different, so consider choosing the one that gives you the most room.
  3. Which one is the Miranda??/ I love the Leigh and the Lily (but the Lily is sooo expensive)!!
  4. The Miranda is the large satchel. #11085 on the Coach website.
  5. The Leigh Bag is nice and it does fit on the shoulder. I ordered it in Citron but did not like the color. I am waiting for the Leigh bag to come out in raisin in the fall.
    Please note that the Leigh bag barely fits over your shoulder with a winter coat and I am a size 4. If you are a plus sized gal note that this bag will not work over a coat and will be handheld. All in all I do like the style but I was not sure about the citron as it was yellow and not chartreuse as I expected.
  6. Leigh
  7. Leigh