Opinions wanted! Black lambskin e/w flap OR Red lambskin e/w flap with new chain?


What would you choose?

  1. Classic Black Lambskin East West Flap

  2. SS07 Red Lambskin East West Flap with new chain

  3. Neither - other east west OR flap

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to get some PFer input!!

    If you had no east west flaps and you didn't have a red or black bag at all in your bag collection, which would you choose?

    1) Classic Black Lambskin East/West Flap


    2) SS07 Red Lambskin East/West Flap with the new chain?

    Opinions wanted and any other thoughts/musings welcome!!

  2. I'd go for the red. It's only around for this season, and you can get the black anytime.
  3. i always prefer a black bag!
  4. ITA with that! black chanels will always be around, but look at the number of people on wait lists for red ones! :p
  5. eep... BLACK is always in, but the read is chic!

    if you think you will get a decent amount of wear out of the red, i would do it, b/c it's not a permanent color like the black -however, if you won't be using it as much, the black is a better option... because frankly, black is the new black :smile:

    good luck
  6. hi jess! you really can't wrong with either, but i love that new chain and the red really pops! it's perfect for a cute east/west for going out!

  7. ^^Totally agree.
  8. I agree with this, too.
  9. :yes: ;)
  10. red of course!
  11. Me personally? I would get a black caviar e/w flap.:heart:
  12. I agree :yes:
  13. I totally agree with you. Red is so hot right now:love:
  14. Both are nices. I would try the red first. Then later you can add the black easily.
  15. Thanks for the input everyone! All had some very good points...

    Now I just have some more thinking to do... or all this may be resolvable by a trip down to Chanel! :biggrin: