OPINIONS---Ultimate Honeymoon Spot?

  1. let me give some background before you give opinions

    My DF and I work every single weekend. Its the field that we are both in. So we never ever get to make make little weekend getaways like some of you lucky ones can.....not unless we take vacation

    So for our honeymoon this is going to be a getaway long deserved. We want to have fun, but relax too. We were thinking Paris but I'm not so sure anymore because we will be on-the-go trying to "see everything"

    I don't want to have a sightseeing honeymoon. And I don't want to come back exhausted.

    We want to come back feeling like we've had the best of both worlds
    -and fun activities

    We want to enjoy each other and relax but still have fun. Not relax the ENTIRE time, ya know. But not do "activites or sightseeing" the whole time either

    Please help.....

    is there a perfect place for this??

  2. Forgot to say that we are open to cruises as well...........

    Preferably one that stops in several places:tup:
  3. Do you want to be near sand & the ocean? A warm climate?
  4. We are not picky about that. Just don't want to go someplace where the main attractions are sightseeing, ya know?

    that's why I'm thinking Paris may be out. but I dunno. curious ot get advice and opinions
  5. For a beachy-type honeymoon, I would recommend Hawaii. DH and I just had our anniversary in Kauai last month. If you want to go all out, then Tahiti is my choice. We went to Moorea and Bora Bora for our honeymoon.

  6. OOh Tahiti. i read that it is one of the top honeymoon spots. What kind of stuff to do there? :graucho:
  7. St. LUcia is really wonderful.
    Very primitive still, not too commercial, which we loved.
    If you stay at Sandals it's all inclusive and you can relax as much as you want and sign up for as many planned excursions as you want as well.

    We also love Maui, Ka'anapali Beach specifically.
  8. MEXICO is the best of both worlds! Cozumel is beautiful, and so is Playa del Carmen which is on the Gulf side and right near each other. You have beautiful, sandy, warm beaches. You can also go sight-seeing to the Mayan ruins, have adventures in the jungle, snorkeling, boating, and just plain relaxing and dining. I went there in February and it was amazing!
  9. I also say Mexico. But I say Cancun. It might be more tourist but you're closer to everything. You have the clubs, you can relax, you can take tours to the pyramids, water parks, nature parks, etc. you can go jet skiing, parasailing, all that good stuff provided by the hotel. I recommend an all inclusive.
  10. Yes, Playa del Carmen is only an hour south of Cancun. Cancun: definitely go there if you are more into partying nightlife as they have more clubs (just avoid it during spring break season).

    I purposely chose Playa del Carmen because it's a little more quaint. It was quiet at night. There were a lot of Europeans there, too. 5th Ave. is the main street there and so easy to get around- you can walk everywhere. There are still bars and some clubs to go to at night, but definitely not as many as Cancun. I had a wonderful time, there, though, and I would love to return.

    You could even stay a few nights at both places if you're not sure what you are looking for! Both are beautiful and have lots to do.
  11. I'd say Hawaii..you get to relax and also do activities like suba diving, horse back riding, helicopter views...so many activities to choose from.

  12. thakns!! But for us I think mexico is out. we are getting married in march ans that's spring break.

    i don't want to be anywhere around mexico for spring break. LOL

    tahiti and hawaii are sounding really good.

    What about Italy? Anyone ever been there?
  13. St Thomas or St Barth
  14. I personally would recommend this holiday. Absolutely fabulous place.


    All inclusive, No children, 50 min spa treatment daily, and you can be as active or as lazy as you want.
  15. I agree with Tahiti and its surrounding islands. It was an incredibly expensive honeymoon for me and my husband, but there were times where we could be active (snorkeling, hiking, ATV trips around the island) and there were times where we could just relax. If you go on one of the quieter islands, you could easily feel like you two are the only two in the entire place. I remember we got an overwater bungalow in Tikehau once and our balcony faced the ocean - you couldn't see or hear any of the other bungalows next to you....just the ocean at your feet. It was so incredibly serene and romantic!

    Bali is supposed to be one of the most incredible places in the world to see too.