Opinions: Silver/Gold HWs.....For ages 50 and up

  1. First--
    [I, in no way want to offend any older PFers rocking their Chanels. I mean this post in the utmost respect]. :flowers:

    That being said....I was just wondering, "out of curiousity"....Re: The whole "Silver/Gold" issue....

    I've read many threads and opinions on why "we PFers" choose silver vs. gold hw on our bags.

    A lot of the posters said in re: to silver--

    It's young, chic, fashionable, trendy, more modern, casual, matches your jewelry, etc. Alot of the posts seemed to focus on silver being "young looking"

    And re: the gold--

    It's classy, traditional, classic chanel, dressy, matches your jewelry. But also...some have said...for more mature/older women........

    These 2 different views got me to thinking.....:idea:What about when I'm 50 and up?? I mean if you have silver hw bags.....What happens when "we" (I included) are older.....Will silver still work, being we'll be older/more mature?? KWIM?? Should we at that point stick with gold hw???:confused1:

    Or does it really matter? :rolleyes: Also read quite a few saying the gold/silver depends on the style or color of the bag.

    I've read so many posts re: seeing older/mature women with gold hw, but rarely hear of older/more mature women wearing silver....:shrugs: Or some saying...."Gold is for older women..." :confused1:

    I know that young women (as well as women of all ages), wear gold hw....and older women (as well as women of all ages), wear silver because that's what they like.:yes:

    I was just wondering if anyone else had thought about this topic? Or had thought that far in advance. LOL!! Or is it just me.....? Yes, I like to think ahead of time....

    (btw, I'm 36, and I have both 1 gold hw bag GST, and 1 silver hw bag Jumbo flap). I bought the GST in gold because I like that particular bag in gold (and am a gold loving person LOL), and the jumbo flap in silver....because I had the GST in gold already....thought I'd go with silver to have one of each HW. Also, gold hw in the flap wasn't calling me. LOL!

    Your Thoughts, Opinions, Views...

  2. I don't think age matters for everyone when choosing hardware.. I'm 22 and chose gold hw because I thought black popped more with the black bag. I think it's a matter of personal preference and style. For ex, my jewelry is a mix of silver and gold.. my watch is two-toned. :shrugs:

    Anyways, LV, I think it's good you have bags with both hardware. Makes it easier to mix and match later on anyways!
  3. I disagree with most of the posters. I honestly think that it just depends on YOUR preference. I honestly don't think anything of people of any age carrying silver or gold HW. I just assume that it is their perference. I don't view one as being better or younger than the other.

    I do have my perferences of HW color based upon the color of the bag (I like silver w/black, white w/gold, etc...) but not based upon the person carrying it.
  4. :lol::lol: <-----Love this guys little twitching Nose/mouth action!!

    Here's what I think.....I am a 50 plus chickie and my experience is this: Metal colors fall in and out of fashion. For the last 10-15 plus years, white gold, platinum and silver have been all the rage. Before that , yellow gold was the thing to have. With that said, I think that younger women came of age to spend some disposable income during the time of white metals and therefore, they are thought of as "young". Its as simple as that. Ask your grandmother what color metals were big in the early years of the 1900's. It was platinum and white gold, again!!!
  5. ITA with lotusflwr.

    i believe gold makes the bag look more formal/dressy and the silver more casual/fun. Age is irrelevant in fashion imho as long as we don't wear cropped tops when we're in our 40s, lol!
  6. Yes, I also feel that it doesn't really matter, and it all depends on personal preference. But I am considering getting a Chanel for my mum who is in her 70s, and very likely, I'll get her something with gold hardware, maybe a classic flap... I just think older people look better and more elegant with gold hardware... this is just my personal view... as this will be her first Chanel... that being said, I am sure I will continue to use my Chanel with silver hardware when I am older....
  7. Thanks everyone for your views, and opinions!! Very interesting!! :yes:

    I just thought this was an interesting topic to discuss.;)

    Thx again!! :flowers:

  8. Haha, ya....that's what I thought....Good to have both (being these will be my only Chanel bags) so that I can mix it up with different outfits depending on my moods. :tup:

    I hear ya on that one!! LOL!! :lol:
  9. I am glad you brought this up, LV!

    I am 31 and tend to prefer silver when it comes to jewelry (I :heart:Tiffany!), but for some reason, I always seem to get gold from people as gifts! That said, I wear both a mix of silver and gold.
    I just snapped up my first Jumbo Flap today and its the black caviar leather with gold. (The store I go to didn't have it in silver) Do I think I will look old carrying a gold-trimmed bag? Absolutely not! I agree with other posters...its all about preference and what YOU like. Also, I agree, gold really makes a black bag look elegant and classy...it does 'pop' as one poster mentioned! I am looking at the large Diamond tote as my next Chanel purchase..and I LOVE it in silver. I think its nice to have a mix of both...to keep things fresh and fun! :yes:
  10. Well, I just turned 50....... I have handbags with both gold and silver hardware. I wear the gold when I attend formal or special occasions. I wear the silver with more casual or dressy casual. For myself, I do not place an age factor-- It's a matter of style and taste.

  11. ITA with itsMyWorld!:yes:
  12. I went with the silver, because most of my jewelry is white gold or platnum. I don't know if age has a preference, so just go with what works best for you and your clothing.
  13. Agreed

    Also this was a hard decision for me to make in regards of getting a black caviar jumbo flap that I decided to get 1 in silver hardware, and 1 in gold hardware, just for those moments were I can't decided. ;)
  14. I don't think it's an age thing, more a preference. For me gold hardware is :yucky: and tacky, I've only owned and own bags with silver hw.
  15. i like how you shop N...when in doubt buy everything :lol:!