Opinions: Should I buy this bag?! First time consignment shopping!

Should I buy the bag (caviar Jumbo with turnlock discolouring/scuffed corners) or keep looking?

  • Yes, purchase it!

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  • Hold out, you can find better.

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Jun 10, 2016
Hi everyone,

This will be my first time shopping consignment and I'm very excited as I've been wanting a pre-loved bag for awhile now. Could I please get some opinions on whether this bag is a good buy or if I should hold out and try for better?

Condition: 8.5/10 - small scuffs on corners/flap (see pictures); small discoloration on the tip of turn-lock (see picture)
Price: $5,650.00 CAD ($4,316.41 USD, for reference)

I am obviously very inexperienced with consignment and will really appreciate opinions. I been considering this one for awhile now, but am concerned about the corner scuffs and the discolouration on the turnlock. Could the side scuffs and turnlock discolouration get worse now that they've started? I don't have any similar problems with the Jumbos I currently own. I've attached pictures from the site that show my worries, but there are more photos of the overall condition in the link - other than the photos attached, it looks quite good IMO.

Note: I am in Canada and want to find a Canadian-based consignor so I don't have to worry about duty.

Thank you so much!!

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