Opinions: sell MJ bag/ wallet for Neo Cabby funds?

  1. Hi all.... well, I'm officially obsessed with the black Neo Cabby! It would be my most expensive bag purchase EVER. I don't think I've spent more than $700 on any of my bags (most are pre-owned). I figure since it's denim I should buy it new.

    Here's the issue.... last fall I bought a leather MbMJ black turnlock shopper and wallet for work. I love the wallet, but I haven't used the bag in months because it's so heavy. It's in near-new condition. Should I sell it, knowing that I paid less than $500 for it and could probably only get half that? Or keep it?

    Thanks for any advice... :smile:
  2. If i am not using anything more than 6 months, its time ot sell it...:p
  3. Sell it!!! The neo cabby is an awesome bag....I LOVE mine!!
  4. Get the Cabby!! you'll love it!
  5. Thanks ladies!! It's already on eBay!:wlae:

    Now all I have to do is come up with the other $700.... I'm counting my tax rebate and money from selling the MJ bag, of course! LOL.
  6. Sell it before the re-sale price drop again. :smile:
  7. If you are not using the shopper and don't feel that would change I concur you should sell it.
  8. I'd sell it!
  9. yes, i like the neo cabby, too! it's very attractive on every body type. try selling your MJ wallet/bag on craigslist or the local paper.
  10. definitely fund your neo cabby! it's a really gorgeous bag.
  11. Sell and start saving up for the Neo Cabby!
  12. Thanks guys. It might be a little while because I just bought a petit noe for a summer bag, but I am planning on selling my black Botkier tote as well. I think I've settled on the MM size!