Opinions: Rect. Mini or CWC

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  1. With all of the yummy colors coming out for SS act 2, which one does everyone prefer? I feel I need a game plan for all these colors. I wish chanel had spread these colors out over cruise and SS, but all at once!
  2. I know.... they know what they are doing thats for sure!! you should look at the thread....2014 Spring/Summer Mission and see how others are planning out their purchases... It may help you and also in the shopping thread summer 2014 discussion thread as well.

  3. Thank you! I look in both of those threads, but I mainly want to know if people prefer the rect. Mini or the clutch with chain.
  4. Depends what u want out of your bag, if you want hands free mini ppl love for crossbody option. Others prefer CWC bc it's good for evenings when they want a clutch option.
  5. hi,

    I am planning to diversify my purchases due to budget constraint.

    I plan to buy the jumbo or med/large in my favorite color - pink
    CWC and Mini in other colors like orange, yellow and possibly blue. which color in which color? it depends on color hue and shade. I will adjust based on how I think the color would go in my wardrobe. mini mostly for days and cwc mostly for dinner as clutch
  6. Does anyone use the rect. Mini for evenings or special events?
  7. I have both and prefer the mini because I get more use out of it...the clutch is more for going out to dinner (for me)
  8. In general I prefer the mini over the cwc because you can wear it crossbody and hands free. I returned a red lamb cwc because the chain was so skinny, I was afraid of putting too much in it to make the bag sag. Also the chain is very short on the cwc so I can't imagine it is possible to wear with a winter coat......that being said, I saw the lamb and patent fuschia in a medium flap and loved the color so much that I decided to w/l for the the CWC to get the larger surface area. This will make a very cute summer bag or clutch for going out at night.