Opinions re the Shopping

  1. what do you guys think of this style -- does anyone have one? i'd love to see pics.
  2. i don't have one but here's the pic from ateliernaff site :yes:
  3. thanks sis -- is that ink? have you seen it irl? i wonder if it's a little too boxy.
  4. i think it's ink.... because sometimes in pics, ink can look purplish :p
  5. thanks addy -- it looks great on you! i wonder if you have or have tried on the work and can compare it for me.
  6. I have tried on the work and found it to be too boxy for me. Plus I can fit this over my shoulder - the Work's handles are not big enough to do that and there is no shoulder strap...
  7. I have an ink and a truffle in the shopper which are still brand new...both are very saturated in color with hardy any "veining" at all and the leather is a little on the thicker side...the handles sit nice on the shoulder and the openess makes for easy access...I will post pics as soon as my new camera arrives probably on Monday if you want...but then again it could take me 3 years to figure out how to do it :shrugs:
  8. I :heart: the shopping style!!!! I've never been lucky enough to see it IRL but it is on my wish list!!!!!!!!!
  9. The only thing I don't like about it is the open top. I need a zipper or some type of closure. :smile:
  10. I love the open top, especially because it can fit a laptop and still have room for files, magazines whatever plus it expands really wide. I want one in Truffle or Cafe to use for work. I think it would be great for traveling too. With the open top you can get a lot more in it without having to worry about it not closing. It's also perfect for a small dog. One of my friends just got this bag in Olive and she carries her Yorkie in it. When she gets tired, she falls asleep down in the bottom, when she's awake she peeks out and it's adorable.
  11. I have one and love it. I use it all the time for work and able to fit a while lot in there.
    Here's a picture of me and my ink shopping, hope it's gives you an idea how big it is. BTW I am 5'2....
  12. I just got mine...there is a thread here about it called, "As promised....my first b-bag". I love it! The open top does not bother me at all, because the bag is really deep. I say go for it!
  13. Vixy - you look soooo cute with that bag! I'm 5'2", too, and this pic makes me want to get one.
  14. The shopping looks good