Opinions!!! Pros and Cons on the Gryson Elissa??!!

  1. Before I run all the way out to the local NR that has a Gryson Elissa on hold for me.....please tell me what you all think about this bag!!

    I've seen the pics and know it's small, but is it too small? does it look funny IRL? Big bags are in and tend to be more functional but I loooove the gryson look and have heard that they are pretty high quality.

    This is my pro/con list but i'm really looking for more opinons Thanks!

    great quality
    stylish and looks expensive to those who "know" gryson
    might be good to use for just my essentials since that's about all i use my bigger bags for anyways

    small size so mabey not as hip
    the shoulder strap doesn't look very long so it might have to only be used as a handheld which could get annoying....

    sooooooo TELL ME WHAT YOU ALL THINK PLEASE!!!:rolleyes:
  2. Buy it and try it on at home, if it doesn't suit you, you can return it right?
  3. actually I'm not sure.
    I saw some grysons a while back at NR and they were final sale, and I'm going with 2 small kids in the a.m. so I've got to have this figured out first--- especially if it is final sale when I get there.

    but please tell me what you think of this bag!!!! thanks:nogood:
  4. I love Gryson for their exquisite design and intricate details but I saw the elissa as well and it IS small...more of a go on a date with your hubbie or out with gals type of bag then an everyday one because it wont carry much. However, at my NR it was not final sale so I say walk around the store with it...look in the mirror...see what floats your boat!! I personally passed on the elissa and went for the skye because i carry a LOT of stuff in my purses...good luck!
  5. Do a search. Kellykapoor just purchased one from Nordies Rack and she posted pictures of what it looks like IRL. Hope this helps
  6. Ahh I love Grysons! Gryson quality is just amazing and I love all the details. Here are pics for you...it does go on the shoulder and is hand held too.:yes:

  7. They are def. fine as a shoulder bag but really only good for going out, unless you don't like to carry anything besides your wallet, phone and lipstick during the day. Great quality and great looking!